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Rémy Rotenier Debuts Third Design Course DVD




The course teaches advanced techniques for drawing complex designs.

(Press Release) Jewelry designer Rémy Rotenier of Rémy Design has introduced a third DVD course, Advanced Jewelry Design, in his popular instructional DVD series. All three courses teach designers, jewelry makers, students, and retail sales associates how to professionally draw and render jewelry. The new course will appeal to those who are already well-versed on the basics of rendering jewelry, and who want to move to the next level.

In a growing marketplace for customized jewelry designs, improving the ability to quick sketch clients’ ideas is key, says Rotenier. “Regardless of whether you’ll ultimately be designing with a CAD program, it’s still great to be able to professionally respond to your clients on the spot with free-hand drawing. When you sketch in real time, you gain a customer’s trust that you have skills as a jewelry artist.” Hand drawing can also be useful in pre-visualizing CAD renderings, or for use in brand development, the designer says.

In his new DVD, Rotenier teaches advanced techniques for drawing complex ring designs, with thorough training in top, profile, and through-the-finger views. Students will also learn how to draw rings at a 45-degree angle, build a braided solitaire, create channel-set solitaires, and render a pavé cocktail ring (as well as other pave ring styles). The rich diversity of content on rings reflects Rotenier’s understanding that ring design is the most crucial category in custom design.

In the third DVD of the 4-DVD set, however, Rotenier also tackles how to render earrings. Recent studies, such as the De Beers 2017 Diamond Insight Report, show that, of the jewelry women buy for themselves, earrings are the second most important jewelry category after rings. Among the lessons on the DVD are how to draw earring posts, short and long dangles, hoops, left and right styles, and alternative styles.

Finally, Rotenier also instructs students how to draw a variety of jewelry chains, a chain bracelet, bangle bracelets, brooches, a pendant, and cufflinks, using designs from the natural world, as well as historical motifs.

The new course complements Rotenier’s first two DVDS, Counter Sketching Jewelry (how to make basic black and white custom design sketches on paper in front of a client), and Color Rendering of Jewelry (how to render jewelry designs into finished paintings that can be presented to customers). All three courses capture the course work Rotenier has taught at jewelry and design schools in Franklin, TN; New York, Portland, ME; Austin; and San Francisco.


The Paris-trained Rotenier has been working as a designer for international jewelry houses in Paris and the United States for 30 years. He currently creates collections from the most affordable to the high end, and accepts custom design commissions. In addition to his instructional time at jewelry and design schools, he trains designers and sales associates at major jewelry companies and retail stores, and tutors private clients in design drawing skills.

Advanced Jewelry Design contains over seven hours of instruction on four DVDS, and includes bonus content with printable course drawings and layouts. It is available from Rio Grande for $249.

Rio Grande also sells Rotenier’s beginner sketching DVD, Counter Sketching Jewelry, along with Advanced Jewelry Design, as a “Classroom in a Box” Jewelry Design Master Set, for $359.

Rotenier’s Color Rendering of Jewelry can also be purchased separately from Rio for $175.

All three DVDs are also available on Shopify.




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