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SRKKF Announces Transformational Partnership with The Global Network for Zero

Organizations linked by a shared commitment to sustainability and solving humanity’s greatest challenges.




(PRESS RELEASE) SRK Knowledge Foundation (SRKKF), the philanthropic arm of global diamond industry leader Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK), announced its commitment to support The Global Network for Zero (GNFZ). An international leadership collective based in Washington, D.C., GNFZ is led by President and CEO Mahesh Ramanujam, Chief Strategy Officer Sarah Merricks, and Chairman Scot Horst. The collective is dedicated to curating and accelerating the solutions that will lead to a worldwide zero emissions economy.

“The leadership team at The Global Network for Zero are true visionaries when it comes to recognizing the essential steps that will propel the world to zero emissions,” said Shri Govind Dholakia (aka Govindkaka), founder & chairman of SRK & SRKKF. “As a foundation that envisions a sustainable future around the globe, taking on some of humanity’s greatest challenges, SRKKF is proud to support and join GNFZ in our shared mission to transform the planet and its people.”

“Throughout their careers and notably, prior to the global pandemic, Mahesh and his team championed four essential pillars that contribute to the wellbeing of humanity: health and wellness, sustainability, equity, and resilience,” said Govindkaka. “Over the past few years, it has become clear that those pillars are inextricably linked as organizations strategize for how to reach a zero emissions world. GNFZ prophesied this connection. Today, SRKKF stands ready to partner with GNFZ to advance this global agenda.”

“Being socially responsible in the 21st century is a complex endeavor. It requires nimbleness, an ability to navigate dynamic challenges with a sense of humility, and a rigorous adherence to ESG compliance efforts,” said Ramanujam. “It also takes a global leader with the ability to enact change at the global level. Under the compassionate and insightful direction of Govindkaka, SRKKF is prioritizing this necessary work. SRKKF’s landmark partnership with GNFZ only further proves the organization’s commitment to being a global leader in ESG and our shared vision for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with a zero emissions future.”

“The record of achievement from Ramanujam and team signals even greater accomplishments to come,” said Rahul Dholakia, entrepreneur-SRK. “SRK is devoting the necessary resources for GNFZ to elevate emissions-lowering innovations and transform them into action. We look forward to realizing what we can achieve together.”




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