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No matter how tired you are, don't say this.
No matter how eager you are to get out the door, don't say this.
Smell something bad? Hold your fire.
No, Twitter doesn't make you cooler.
Be wary of the role models you select.
Don't call me champ.
You may think this, but you shouldn't say it.
This reeks of desperation.
Turns out greed isn't good.
Just stick to the basics: "You look amazing in this brooch".
Not worth putting this in a burst on your next print advertisement or banner ad.
Good salespeople are as patient as they need to be. Bad salespeople aren't.
Remember, you run a store, not a museum.
One guaranteed way to give your customer the willies.
You may think this is going over your customer's head, but it's not.
Don Rickles would have been a terrible jewelry salesperson. If you say this, so are you.
This is the number-one reason people buy online.
Customers need a reason to say "yes". You've just given them a reason to say "no".
Jewelry can be a scary purchase. You've just made it even scarier.
20 Things Jewelry Salespeople Should Never Say to Customers