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The Store at MAD to Launch New Jewelry Collection




(Press Release) NEW YORK — These days, no rules apply when it comes to bridal jewelry. The status quo has been upstaged by an anything-goes mentality. The contemporary woman has learned that bigger is not always better in diamond engagement rings and has found that choosing more individualized jewelry for her wedding day is much more meaningful. “This shift in bridal is in keeping with The Store at MAD’s Redefining Fine Jewelry (RFJ) philosophy, which focuses on today’s woman’s desire for jewelry that bespeaks her life and personal style, and is a modern alternative to the traditional heirloom,” said Franci Sagar, vice president of retail and brand development at The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD).

On Thursday, Nov. 16, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., The Store at MAD will premiere its new collection of contemporary fine jewelry for purchase. Redefining Fine Jewelry (RFJ) Holiday 2017 brings together a highly curated group of 32 international artists, including eight bridal jewelers. This marks the third season of The Store’s foray into the world of fine jewelry.

RDF’s customers include a diverse range of women — the 20- to 30-somethings who have grown up on terms such as individuality and originality, who prefer to stand out rather than blend in, and who are getting married for the second time or later in life.

“In response to the diverse range of women we cater to and the ever-growing demand for styles that abandon convention,” Franci explains, “the RFJ Holiday 2017 bridal collection is curated for women who prefer one-of-a-kind, limited-edition rings.”

Beth Bernstein, co-curator of the Holiday 2017 selection agrees.

“Over the past five to 10 years, more and more women are looking for engagement rings and wedding bands that are timeless and inspired pieces that break with tradition,” she says. “In effect, the term alternative bridal has become the new norm for brides-to-be. They desire styles that evoke emotions and sentiments that go along with marriage and enduring love, whether it be in the symbolism of a gemstone or an inscription engraved on the outside or inside of a band.” Bernstein adds. “This applies to all the jewelry they will wear on the big day.”


The designers featured in The Store at MAD’s bridal selection incorporate the highest-quality metals and non-traditional vibrantly colored gemstones or the look of antique cut white diamonds as well as the more rough-hewn opaque colors of grey and champagne diamonds instead of something with mega-watt-bling.

“One woman might decide on one wide band in textural high karat gold, scattered with multi-colored sapphires instead of a classic engagement ring and wedding band pairing, and another might choose an edgy branch style shank with a ruby center of instead of a diamond. And these are just a few examples,” Franci says.

The bridal range features all categories of jewelry, including earrings and pendants for the wedding day as well as pieces to accessorize everyone in the bridal party. It also includes unique wedding bands for men for their special moment. Designers showcased in the Redefining Fine Jewelry Holiday 2017 bridal group include Karen Karch, Megan Thorne, Ruth Tomlinson, Ruta Reifen, Baltera, GiGi Ferranti, Eden Presley, Marian Maurer and Erica Molinari.



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