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White Pine Trading:
The Jeweler’s Answer
to Off-Price

Discount stores like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack are one of retailing’s few brick-and-mortar success stories. Why shouldn’t jewelers get in on the game?

People don’t normally think of their jewelers as “off-price” merchandisers. And that’s a shame, considering that off-price is one of the few areas of growth for retailing as a whole.

Since the 2008 financial downturn, department stores have either closed their doors or added discount outlets for off-price merchandise. The retail jewelry industry continues to downsize. Those stores that remain have seen new competition from online merchants and customers who can comparison-shop without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Margins continue to shrink—as the cost of running a business rises. Older merchandise gets dusted off and tries to pass as “new,” but today’s educated consumers know the difference. How can a jeweler remain relevant in a retailing environment as dynamic as today’s?

One store that uses White Pine extensively is Guilford & Company in St. Michael, Maryland. Located in a resort town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Guilford & Company specializes in estate and signed jewelry. “When you’re a jeweler like us who owns their merchandise, White Pine helps to ‘fill in the blanks.’ It’s been a great experience,” says Bob Hockaday who owns the business with his wife, Julie Guilford Hockaday.  Hockaday says that he sees their rep “about 4 to 6 times a year,” and they purchase from White Pine regularly. But the main draw? “White Pine isn’t your typical liquidator. They carry the best of the best.”

Jalil Bami, owner of Milanj Diamonds at The Plaza at King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is a luxury retailer who looks to White Pine to help when others can’t. “I might have a customer in my store and I’ll call White Pine and ask them, ‘what can we do?’” Whether it’s loose diamonds or other high-end merchandise, White Pine can supply the diamonds or the one-of-a-kind piece of merchandise quickly. “What can I tell you?” says Bami. “White Pine will help you any way they can. They’re good people.”

If you haven’t considered it before, the time is right for you to build an off-price niche, and it’s easier than you think. White Pine Trading ( is the perfect place to start, as the company gets fresh and exciting new merchandise every day. On average, White Pine’s merchandise is priced 25-40% below normal wholesale rates. You get the benefit of off-price merchandise that you can cherry-pick from among hundreds of weekly offerings to match your market needs or the needs of a particular customer.

Whether you’re in touch with White Pine’s team of knowledgeable regional sales managers, you watch the website or receive the weekly e-blasts, White Pine will help you to get a part of the off-price market for yourselves. White Pine knows how to do it. Why not start now?




Q & A with White Pine

Q: What does White Pine sell?
White Pine sells GIA-graded and melee diamonds, fine jewelry and luxury watches. White Pine’s inventory changes daily, but on average consists of 4-5,000 GIA-graded diamonds, 15,000-plus pieces of fine jewelry and several hundred luxury watches. Some of the most popular pieces in White Pine’s inventory are our designer pieces, from major brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier and David Yurman, and our competitively priced GIA diamonds.

Q: How does White Pine get such amazing products to sell?
White Pine sources its inventory based on retailer requests and is constantly on the hunt for new sources that offer desirable designs at great value. White Pine has a team of domestic and international buyers who purchase from a variety of sources worldwide, including Italian designers, U.S.-based branded manufacturers and designers, estate recoveries, antique and estate houses, bank liquidations and the public. This allows White Pine to offer an abundance of unique, high-quality merchandise at as low as 40 percent below manufacturer’s wholesale.  

Q: How do I know what new products you have to offer?
White Pine has a team of on-the-road sales managers that visit retailers with new product at all times throughout the year. In addition to that, we have a series of emails designed to deliver the latest inventory acquisitions and updates directly to your inbox. 

Q: Is there a minimum purchase requirement?
No minimum purchase is required. 

Q: How long has White Pine been in business?
White Pine was established in 2010 as a diamond recycler. In 2014, the company expanded with the launch of its fine jewelry and watch divisions.  

Q: How do I get in touch with my White Pine sales rep?
Below is a list of White Pine’s sales managers with territory information. Retailers can call or email our main line for a direct connection.

Main Contact Information
E: [email protected] P: 646-699-3950

  • Frank P. – Western NY, Eastern PA, NJ, MD, DC, VA
  • Daniel D. – Eastern NY, ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT
  • Kerry C. – Western PA, WV, OH, MI
  • Scott P. – IN, IL, WI, MN
  • David H. – KY, TN, AL, MS
  • Howard G. – NC, SC, GA, FL
  • Seth P. – LA, AR, OK, TX
  • Bill G. – NV, AZ, CA, HI
  • Marc C. – Southern NY and Select National Accounts

Retailers in unlisted territories will be serviced through White Pine’s headquarters and should direct their inquires to the main contact information provided.

Q: Can I work with my sales rep to let him know I’m looking for a specific type of merchandise?
Yes, White Pine’s sales managers always look to best accommodate their customers and are constantly receiving calls with specific product requests. Since White Pine’s inventory changes so regularly, there is always a chance that we will have or can easily source the exact item a retailer is seeking.  

Below is a quote from our salesmen, Frank P., regarding this question: “I can tailor my line to the specific needs of customers I’m going to see on a given trip. Because we have soup to nuts, I can remain important to most of my retailers. Our product mix is so diversified, it could be straight diamonds to one customer or fine jewelry at below regular wholesale price to another.” 

On average, White Pine’s merchandise is priced 25-40% below normal wholesale rates. The WP prices shown here are wholesale to the jeweler:


BOOTH# B37169

E [email protected]
P (646)699-3950

Diamond Basics
WP: $1,960

American Designers
WP: $315

Famous Brands
WP: $1,400
Est. MSRP: $3,500

Famous Brands
WP: $4,000
Est. MSRP: $9,500

Diamond Basics
WP (Yellow 14K): $1,900
(White 14K): $3,010


Precious Color
WP: $3,435

Italian Designers
WP: $12,465

American Designers
MSRP: $1,950

American Designers
WP: $1,676

Precious Color
WP: $27,750

Famous Brands
WP: $7,100

Famous Brands
Est. MSRP: $109,140

Contact us for
additional information

E [email protected]
P (646)699-3950

White Pine Trading LLC is not an authorized dealer of any featured brands. All trademarks, brands and models mentioned are the sole property of their respective trademark owners. All of the products shown no longer carry the original manufacturer’s warranty and are subject to prior sale.