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Yael Designs Debuts Toi & Moi Collection




(PRESS RELEASE) SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Yael Designs is debuting the Toi & Moi Collection of gemstone jewelry that explores the idea of unity.

The collection features rings, bangles and chokers set in 18k white and rose gold with diamonds and gemstones that include opals, morganites, blue zircons, tanzanites, fire opals, tourmalines, rubellites and emeralds. Each piece presents a complementary pair of shapes and colors, either with two different types of gemstones or with a gemstone and diamonds.

“Toi & Moi is about how beautiful it can be when two people with different personalities can be together, while still keeping their individuality,” said Yael founder and CEO Yehouda Saketkhou. “Colors are like personalities. By themselves, they have one look, but pair them with another color and they acquire a new hue and new meaning.”

The collection follows on the heels of Yael’s patented campaign “What’s Your Color?” which engages with customers by asking them to identify with a color.

“Today, brands are so focused on telling their story that they often forget to listen to their customers’ story,” said Saketkhou. “Asking someone ‘What’s your color?’ can evoke a childhood memory, a strong emotional association, a fashion choice, or simply their favorite color. Either way, there is always a story behind it and hearing that story allows us to connect with our customers on a deeply personal level.”

Toi & Moi Collection ranges from $3,800 to $13,200. It will debut at JCK Luxury on May 30 and will be available in stores around the country starting this summer. See the collection here. 


Yael Designs Debuts Toi & Moi Collection

Yael Designs Debuts Toi & Moi Collection



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