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6th Suspect Arrested in $135M Theft of Royal Jewels from Green Vault Museum in Germany

They’ve been charged with aggravated gang robbery and arson.




A sixth suspect has been arrested in connection with the November 2019 theft of royal jewels from the Green Vault museum in Dresden, Germany.

German police placed the 23-year-old man under arrest on Thursday, Deutsche Welle reports.

Three men were arrested in November, followed by another in December and another in May.

Observer reports that the men have all been charged with aggravated gang robbery and arson. The men are reported to have organized crime ties — specifically, the Remmo clan, according to Deutsche Welle.

The stolen items have yet to be found, authorities said. Prosecutors say they’re worth $135 million in total.

The items comprised “three sets of 18th-century jewellery of ‘immeasurable worth,’” The Guardian reported at the time of the theft.


According to reports last year, it was believed that the culprits set a fire nearby to trigger a power outage, then entered the building through a window that they broke. Two thieves broke a display case and grabbed the artifacts.

Among the items taken were a “diamond-encrusted dagger, pearl necklace, and dozens of other glittering artifacts,” according to Bloomberg. The jewels were not insured.

The Green Vault, or Grüne Gewölbe, is one of Europe’s oldest museums, according to The Guardian.

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