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Calendar for Jewelers: June 2016



National Fun At Work Day


MARILYN MONROE, best friend to diamonds
and pearls, would have been
90 today. More icon than actress or singer,
she is the perfect theme for an in-store
event. Women could come dressed as one
of her famous incarnations — men as one
of her many beaus, Arthur Miller, JFK, Joe
DiMaggio, Arthur Miller, James Dean, and
so on.

This article originally appeared in the June 2016 edition of INSTORE.


11 You may not give much
thought to
AMERICAN IDOL these days, but you owe it a debt
of gratitude for helping drive
the resurgence in men’s jewelry.
(Those guys did wear it well).
With the show wrapping up its
final season this year, celebrate
its premiere 15 years ago today
with a “Sing for a Discount” campaign.
Anyone who sends in a
short video of themselves singing
your praises — literally singing
to the tune of a song like Nothing
Compares to You —gets a gift certificate
and the chance to win a
sparkling prize. Post the song on
your Facebook page and let followers

18Each May, Washington
uses NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY sounds like one of those
innocuous fake holidays — but
it does have a genuine concept
underpinning it: The date is two
months after the deadline to file
your taxes, so everyone should
have received their refund by now
and have some money to indulge
themselves. What’s missing is
permission, but luckily you’re
here to provide that. Prepare a
splurge case and advertise it on
your website — “1 day only!”


JUNE 2-5
Las Vegas
Jewelry &
Watch Show
Las Vegas, NV


JUNE 2-6
AGTA GemFair
Las Vegas, NV

JUNE 2-6
Couture Las
Las Vegas, NVa

JUNE 3-6
JIS Exchange
Las Vegas, NV

JUNE 3-6
JCK Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

JUNE 3-6
Swiss Watch
at JCK
Las Vegas, NV

JUNE 20-21
Watch &
Jewelry Guild
(IWJG) Show
Miami, FL


JUNE 23-26
Hong Kong
Jewellery &
Gem Fair
Hong Kong

19 Struggling to come up with
a theme for FATHER’S DAY
? Take inspiration from a campaign
conducted by Jewelers Mutual a few years ago. To enter, participants
were asked to submit their
favorite phrase of their father’s —
to highlight the words of wisdom
he handed down — along with a
photo of themselves with Dad.
Facebook regulars were then
invited to vote on the best entry.
The prize could be a nice watch
or uber-cool cufflinks. The prize
for you could be greatly increased
Facebook and possibly store traffic.

21 Ah, young SUMMER. For
most of the country,
the hot season brings a certain
respectability to the concept of
idling the afternoon hours away
in a hammock. For the ambitious
jeweler, however, it’s just another
season to grow your business.
Trunk shows, graduation season,
engagement ring sales — there’s
much that can be done. (Although
if you want to do it well, make
sure you do grab some time to

23 Today is LET IT GO DAY .
Whatever’s bugging you
… that yappy dog next door, the
person who pinched your parking
spot … roll the idea up in your fist
and then releeeeease it.

WIMBLEDON is more than
green grass, strawberries
and Novak Djokavic sweeping all
before him. The world’s premier
tennis tournament, which kicks
off today, is prime marketing time
for certain Swiss watch brands,
not to mention tennis bracelets
and whatever jewelry Serena happens
to be wearing. Catch a ride.

, held to
commemorate the Stonewall Riot
on June 28, 1969, set up a special
tribute display in your window,
offer a gift registry for same-sex
couples on your website, sponsor
a float if there’s a parade in your
town, and last but not least, read
up on what appeals to the community.
The category is much
broader than rainbow-themed


Gause and Son Jewelers


Gemological knowledge has
always had a special place close
to the heart of Harris Jeweler.
Founder H.M. (Hal) Harris, was
inspired by a meeting with
industry icon Robert Shipley Sr.
to become one of the first certified
gemologists in the country.
It was a thirst for knowledge
that he instilled in his children,
grandchildren and employees.
Nevertheless, the current owners
say the store wouldn’t have been
able to stay in business so long
without a paramount focus on
customer service. The store’s mission
statement to clients begins
“You are most important to us,”
says Hal’s granddaughter, Bonnie
Harris Frey. The store is marking
the start of its eighth decades by
collecting testimonials from longtime
clients and giving one lucky
customer jewelry for life.



were portrayed
in ancient
religious texts as a
metaphor for purity,
wisdom and perfection.
That’s why the entrance
to Heaven is referred to as “the
pearly gates.” A pearl placed
under a woman’s pillow was also
believed by some to increase
her fertility, which is why pearls
became a favorite wedding gift.



Les Georgettes

It’s All About Choices

With beautiful jewelry from Les Georgettes, choice is everything. Choose a design. Change colors. With 30 styles, 3 finishes and 48 stunning leather colors, you’ll never be at a loss for a unique piece of jewelry. Create, mix, stack and collect Les Georgettes by Altesse. Made in France.

Promoted Headlines

Manager's To Do

A Trick to Selling More Platinum, And Other Manager’s To-Do Items for September

And here are some great tips for infographics in your store.




Sep. 1-7

INVENTORY The economy may be slowing a tad, but the wealthy keep getting richer. That is allowing more people to trade up from the standard 1-carat diamond engagement ring. But to sell 2-, 3-, or 4-carat pieces, you need to have a few on hand, says David Brown of the Edge Retail Academy. Start experimenting with more expensive bridal sets.

MARKETING Conduct an advertising review. If it’s bridal sales you desire, put that shotgun away. Pick one or two advertising media, based on their reach and return on investment, and concentrate on them. That requires courage and perseverance, but it’s the surest way to break through the chatter and win that key top-of-mind presence in your local market that will deliver engagement ring sales.

Sep. 8-14

STAFF Few things are more important to staff than having the sense that their work matters. As bridal season approaches, make it a constant refrain in your strategy meetings: you’re helping people with one of the most important decisions of their life.

SHOWROOM “It’s remarkable,” says merchandising expert Sally Furrer, “how often diamond areas are underlit in stores.” Crank up the lights.

Sep. 15-21

TRAINING The rise of the bead phenomenon in the last decade caused many jewelers to cut back on diamond sales training. If that happened in your store, look to bring in a trainer who specializes in bridal goods. It’s a whole different skill set.

MARKETING Twitter’s search function, along with free applications like TweetDeck, can be great tools for market research and lead generation. Start monitoring your competitors’ brand names and hashtags to see what people are saying about them and you. Set keywords related to bridal sales in your market and don’t be afraid to follow up (unsolicited messages from strangers is a fact of life in the Twitter-sphere).

Sep. 22-28

SOCIAL Want to take your social media efforts to the next level while educating your clientele about bridal in a way they’ll remember? Think infographics. Whether charting the evolution of diamond cuts or providing tips on ring cleaning, infographics are a great shareable way to communicate your message. Try these free infographic websites:,,

SALES Want to sell more platinum? Highlight its staying power. Keep an old white-gold ring and an old platinum one behind the counter to show customers what happens to the two metals after a few years. One of platinum’s strengths is the durability of its white color, which won’t fade or change (like an enduring love, hint, hint) and will continue to complement a diamond, as opposed to white gold, which fades to yellow.

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Yarr! It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day and More Important Dates for September

“I’ll be paying top dollar for whatever golden loot ye’ve got stashed in your little treasure chest.”




19 Many jewelers seem to have forgotten what a lucrative earner gold buying can be. Luckily, International Talk Like A Pirate Day is here to remind you. Yarr, have some fun with your advertising. “Yes, me hearties, Cap’n Jack Black Diamond has gone straight. I’ll be paying top dollar for your doubloons, old lockets or whatever golden loot ye’ve got stashed in your little treasure chests. Come see the Cap’n before the sharks get ye.”

01 On NATIONAL NO RHYME (NOR REASON) DAY, challenge your customers on social media to come up with words that can’t be rhymed. Three you can probably put to good use in your posts that day are “spirit,” “silver” and “woman.”

06 Today is FIGHT PROCRASTINATION DAY, and if you’re one of the many afflicted, try this trick: when jotting down a to-do item, keep rephrasing it until it involves the use of your limbs: “Pick up phone and call …”, “Open laptop and search for …”

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Remembering Woodstock, The Little One’s First Day in Kindergarten, and More Useful August Dates

You’re always busy, but this month, get things done.




19 Mark the 30th anniversary of the launch of Stephen Covey’s THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE by doing something in its spirit: keep a journal of everything you do, broken down into 30-minute increments. At the end of each workday, assign a value — 1, 2 or 3 (the lowest) — to your time, and at the end of the week, evaluate the results. They may well surprise you. Obviously you want to be spending at least half your time on No. 1s.

1 August is GET READY FOR KINDERGARTEN MONTH. On the first day of school, invite all new kindergarten moms to come in for mimosas and snacks. They can reward themselves for surviving this milestone.

4 The FIRST ELECTRIC LIGHTBULB sparked to life 140 years ago today. Mark the occasion with a brainstorming session with staff for fourth-quarter promotions.

15 Fifty years ago today, the promise of free music, a good time, and … umm … a pretty good shot at “getting lucky” drew 400,000 young people to WOODSTOCK, NY. To many folks, that’s much the same promise that jewelry makes (minus the music). Roll back the years with a store party.

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