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Camden & Co. Jewelers

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Camden & Co.Jewelers, Jonesboro, AR

OWNERS: Pam Hyneman; ADDRESS: 2704 Alexander Drive, Suite A, Jonesboro, AR ; PHONE: (870) 932-6456

EVERY NEW STORE is a new chance, an opportunity to do things … well, a little differently. When opening her fourth store, Camden & Co. Jewelers, Pam Hyneman decided she was going for something “shocking … Moulin Rouge”. The store, which opened in September 2002, features leopard skin carpets, washed pink walls, and a pink safe. Mission accomplished, Pam.

What are the most unique features of your store?

The most talked about feature is our “signature room” … our bathroom. It features a life-size rendering of Marilyn Monroe sitting atop the toiletʼs water tank. Her gloved and jeweled arms are outstretched with the phrase “Diamonds are a Girlʼs Best Friend!” arching between her hands. Weʼve also got lots of hidden sayings on the walls of the store like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Another key feature is our stained glass doors featuring the “C” from my logo. Itʼs gorgeous when the sun hits it in the morning.

Describe the interior of your store.

My store has washed pink walls with black and white leopard carpet. Even our safe is pink! The ceiling is black with long lights hooded in black and pink. The cases are a lacquered black. I have an 18th century gilded French lighted case that is just fabulous as well as two matching gilded hall mirrors from the same century. Our jewelry is not displayed in a conventional format, but rather has a theme or a color story, always with an air of surprise. The walls feature large ornate frames with all the different designers I carry as well as sconces displaying the jewels from the various lines. The windows have heavy red silk drapes that we can pull shut if we are having a private showing or function.


Issues involved in designing the store?

We had a raw building to work with, so the entire floor plan was designed by [designers Jeff and Janice Cranford]. The only addition not typical for a jewelry store was a rather large kitchen area in the back, which is a total “girl hangout”. On the wall by the coffee pot, we have script lettering that reads “Coffee Bitches”. This is also the area we use to entertain as well as where I house all my lab equipment. We believe in trunk shows and any reason to have a party! So we have all the glassware and the capabilities to entertain our customers in lavish style.

How much did it cost to adapt the building?

I am embarrassed to tell you the cost … really. Jeff did a lot of the work himself, such as the painted floor in the back and he tiled the marble entry. Janice and I bought the antiques at auction for a steal and I had all my cases from my previous store. So all in all I spent around $50,000. Was it worth it? Oh my God, are you kidding!

How do people usually react to the store?

There is an immediate gasp. Really! And the funny part is, if they sort of stall,I ask if they would like to see the bathroom. And of course they are all over it! That bathroom has been a great selling tool … believe me! It places anyone at ease.

What do you like best about the store?

It is just pretty and fun! I come in every morning with my manager, Janice Cranford, and we look at each other and giggle. Truly, it just puts you in this fabulous mood! The icing on the cake is that I love all my designers, literally, not just their designs but the people themselves. What a treat!


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