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Citizen Launches Tsuki-yomi A-T

The world’s first light-powered atomic timekeeping moon phase movement.




Citizen Launches Tsuki-yomi A-T

(PRESS RELEASE)o NEW YORK — To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand’s first atomic timekeeping watch, CITIZEN is launching three new models that debut the world’s first fully analog moon phase movement for light-powered watches1. The Tsuki-yomi A-T collection (honoring the ancient Japanese moon god and literally translating to “reading the moon”) features a new atomic timekeeping Eco-Drive2 Cal. H874 movement that provides ±15 seconds accuracy per month, revolutionary proprietary Super Titanium™3 material and artfully crafted moon pattern dials.

Based on a unique mathematical formula developed by CITIZEN called “Luna Program”4, the watch calculates the phase of the moon each day from signals received from multi-band radio transmitters. The phase of the moon at the six o’clock position is then automatically adjusted and displayed. Another notable feature is the North-South shift, which switches the moon phase display to match the view either from the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. This breakthrough technology frees the wearer from manually adjusting the moon phase and offers continuous precision and accuracy thanks to the atomic timekeeping Eco-Drive movement.

Honoring 30 years of innovation starting with the world’s first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch in 1993, the new Tsuki-yomi A-T collection continues to provide breakthrough technology and design. As a leader in this technology, CITIZEN has consistently looked for ways to innovate and create smaller and more accurate atomic timekeeping movements, including many first-to-market technologies.

Tsuki-yomi also reaffirms the brand’s interest in space, beginning with its development of the world’s first titanium watch in 1970, taking a metal used extensively in the aerospace industry for its supreme strength and lightweight, and creating Super Titanium™. With this innovation, pure titanium is processed using CITIZEN’s proprietary surface-hardening technology called Duractect5 to create a scratch-resistant material five times harder and 40% lighter than stainless steel. Since then, CITIZEN has continued to apply space engineering technology to watchmaking, especially in the last decade. In 2011, CITIZEN launched the world’s first analog watch to receive time signals emitted from satellites. In 2019, the brand began sponsoring HAKUTO-R, a commercial lunar exploration program operated by ispace, inc. With the introduction of the Tsuki-yomi A-T collection, the brand adds another page to its history.

The Tsuki-yomi A-T Collection
As the name represents, the dials in this collection feature an intricate and striking pattern of the moon’s surface that is bold yet subtle enough for daily wear. The newly designed moon badge provides a sharp and clear depiction of each of the moon’s phases. Ref. BY1010-57L has a dynamic deep blue dial, while Ref. BY1010-57H is reminiscent of the lunar landscape with a shimmering silver dial. Ref. BY1018-55X evokes a blood moon with its black Duratect DLC bezel and deep red colorway. The new Eco-Drive Cal. H874 and moon dial are housed in a 43mm scratch resistant Super TitaniumTM case and bracelet for a sporty look and all timepieces offer world time, perpetual calendar technology and 100M of water resistance.

The Tsuki-yomi A-T collection will be available here beginning on Sept 19th.


Citizen Launches Tsuki-yomi A-T



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