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Here Are 9 Ways to Secure Your Jewelry Valuables at Home

Lights, locks and cameras are just the starting point.




LOSING ANYTHING SENTIMENTAL or valuable is devastating and it’s even more so from a home invasion or burglary. Here are several ways to prevent potential crime or losses of fine jewelry and watches in your home.

  • Lights – install motion-detection security lights around the exterior of your home and property. Make sure to install them higher up and outside of reach, so they cannot be broken or moved easily.
  • Cameras – a leading crime deterrent is to install security cameras and smart doorbells with cameras controlled from your phone.
  • Make your home look occupied even when you are not home. Keep hallway lights on and blinds closed, and ensure that other valuables like electronics or decor cannot be seen from the exterior, especially when you are not home.
  • Make it look difficult to break in your home with deadbolt locks, alarms and signage.
  • Keep your garage door closed and locked and lock any other less obvious entry points an intruder could use to get into your home such as basement windows, side or patio doors.
  • Always keep accurate records of your values that are kept in your home. For valuables not often worn, consider storing in a secured bank vault instead of home vault or jewelry box.
  • Closets and master bedrooms tend to be the most frequently targeted areas by intruders to scour for theft. If you have a home safe, consider storing it in a less obvious room such as a spare bedroom or office.
  • Be careful what you share, especially online, about your personal property. Criminals often do their research to understand when targets will and will not be home, and what they could potentially steal as well as where they might find those items in a home, based on information they can find online.
  • When traveling or being away from your home for an extended amount of time, make sure to inform trusted neighbors and ask them to keep a look out for any suspicious activity, and arrange to have all mail, leaflets and packages picked up daily.

While some losses can be prevented, others cannot – the most important thing is to ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones. That’s why insurance for your personal valuables is so important. Visit Lavalier to learn about personal jewelry insurance options here.

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