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How to Improve Your Email Marketing for Valentine’s Day

These 6 tips can vastly improve your results.




WITH THE RIGHT digital marketing strategy in place, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to start your year off profitably. Here are 6 tips to improve your email marketing:

1. Segment your Valentine’s email campaigns.

If you want to get the most out of your email campaigns, it’s essential that you segment your audience. Segmenting your email campaigns helps you target specific jewelry buyers with relevant content and offers that are tailored to their interests and needs.

For example, you can target men looking for gifts for their wife or girlfriend. Fashionable women who are self-purchasers are also an attractive target. “Galentine’s Day” on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, is fast becoming a favorite for women to celebrate their friendships with their favorite ladies or “gals.”

Segmenting your email campaigns helps increase engagement rates, boost conversions, and ultimately generates more revenue for your jewelry business. When you personalize your message for each customer, you speak directly to them and they respond positively.

2. Always test your email subject lines.

Testing your email subject lines is essential for ensuring that your Valentine’s emails get opened and read. Subject lines are the first thing that a reader sees when they receive an email, and it can be the deciding factor for whether they open it or not. By testing different variations, you can find out which subject lines have the highest open and engagement rates. This helps you optimize your email campaigns to ensure that you’re getting the best results.


3. Create targeted email sign-up forms.

Attracting new email subscribers should be every jeweler’s number one goal. Creating targeted email sign-up forms helps you capture more leads and convert them into customers.

Using eye-pleasing visuals and having a clear reason why someone should join your email list are an absolute must. Many website tools are available that make it easy to create beautiful pop-ups and effective opt-in forms. There are even features that can target visitors when they’re about to leave your site, allowing you to capture this “lost” traffic.

You can also add additional fields to your opt-in forms that help you collect valuable information such as demographics, interests, and preferences, helping you create a more personalized experience for your jewelry customers.

4. Preschedule your Valentine’s Day emails.

Scheduling your Valentine’s marketing emails ahead of time is a smart move. February 14th comes around every year, so there’s no excuse why you can’t be ready. You should start emailing your customers the last week of January and no later than the first week of February. You’ll want to plan ahead and hit your audience several times over the 2 to 3 week period prior to the day.

Remember, most people procrastinate and don’t buy on the first contact. It takes multiple reminders before someone makes a purchase. Continue to engage with your audience; your next email could be the one that tips the person over into buying.

5. Craft valuable call to action buttons (CTAs).

Call to action buttons are an essential part of every jewelry marketing campaign. But, crafting an effective call to action button can be difficult. You’ll need to test different messages to see which one generates the most clicks. Never use the same call to action twice without testing it. Try many versions, then go with what works.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you can also try using a red or pink colored button to generate more clicks. Your goal should always be to create effective campaigns that encourage your target audience to visit your jewelry store whether online or in-person.


6. Remind shoppers with retargeted marketing before Valentine’s Day.

The first type of retargeted marketing is to send an abandoned cart email when someone leaves something in their shopping cart. It’s an easy and effective way to remind people and increases the chances of them completing their purchase.

The second type of retargeted marketing is to use retargeted banner ads. Jewelers can deliver customized ads to customers who have shown interest in their products or services. Banner advertising can be used in many ways, such as displaying product recommendations based on previous purchases or showing discounts for items that were previously viewed. By leveraging these types of marketing tactics, you can continuously reach potential customers and convert them into loyal buyers.

Remember, even though Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, the long-term benefits to your jewelry business are lasting. A customer who trusts you enough for a Valentine’s gift for their loved one will trust you enough to celebrate every special moment of their life. That Valentine sale you make today can generate a lifetime of sales occasion after occasion.



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