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Istanbul Jewelry Show Hosted a Record Number of Visitors

There were 30,741 sector professionals from 123 countries.




(PRESS RELEASE) Istanbul Jewelry Show, which is recognized as one of the top five jewelry exhibitions in the world, ended on Sunday, March 24, 2019. The exhibition organized by UBM Rotaforte under the sponsorship of TEB for the 48th time brought together the latest products and services of more than 1,250 companies and brands from 24 countries with 30,741 sector professionals from 123 countries. Istanbul Jewelry Show, which increased its overseas visitor rate to 39%, gave the first sign that the Turkish jewelry exports will greatly increase in 2019, following a growth of 38% in 2018.

Istanbul Jewelry Show – March 2019, which is recognized as one of the top five jewelry exhibitions in the world and the first and only jewelry specific exhibition in Turkey, ended on Sunday, March 24, 2019. 30,741 sector professionals from 123 countries visited the exhibition, where a total of 1,250 companies from 24 countries exhibited their latest products and services. The biggest buyer delegation program of the Turkish exhibition sector took place at the exhibition organized under the sponsorship of the Turk Ekonomi Bankasi, which has been fulfilling the short and long-term needs of the jewelry sector for more than 20 years. Within the scope of the program; more than 1,500 buyers from over 65 target countries were hosted. Master and young designers exhibited the trending products for the fashion of 2019-2020 at the Designer Market.

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The world jewelry sector had its eye on Istanbul

Every passing year, the representatives of the world jewelry sector are getting more and more interested in Istanbul Jewelry Show. The most significant sign of this interest is the 9% increase in the number of overseas visitors to the March 2019 exhibition. The exhibition, which scored a 15% increase in the number of European visitors, also scored an increase of 8% in the CIS countries, including Russia. Compared to the exhibition in March 2018, the number of the visitors from the North Africa region increased by 9%.

The Buyer Delegation Program, organized by Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association (IMMIB) General Secretariat, Turkish Jewelry Exporters Association (JTR) and UBM Rotaforte under the coordination of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade in order to boost exports, find new markets for export products and maintain the market share, made history as the biggest buyer delegation program in the Turkish exhibition sector. 1,500 buyers came from 65 countries in the regions of Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, North Africa and the Far East provided new business and cooperation opportunities to the exhibiting companies as part of Buyer Delegation Program.

New exhibitors at the exhibition


1,250 jewelry companies and brands from 24 countries were exhibited a wide range of product groups and sectors including gold, jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver accessories and silver household items, gold mounters, refinery, watches, molds, shop window decorations, machinery and equipment side industry, safes, software, and logistics and lighting product groups. A total of 103 new exhibitors, 78 domestic and 25 foreign, attended the exhibition.

The latest designs of 2019-2020 fashion were exhibited!
Turkish jewelry sector, which gained worldwide reputation with its uniquely-designed products by breaking the pattern of contract manufacturing, presented the trending designs and collections for the jewelry fashion of 2019-2020 to jewelry buyers from all around the world with special shows.

The Designer Market, organized every year by UBM Rotaforte and Turkish Jewelry Exporters Association, brought young and master jewelry designers together at the March 2019 exhibition. At the Designer Market, established exclusively at the fairground, the designers attracted great attention by exhibiting their own designs and jewelry.

Sermin Cengiz: “This year, the world jewelry sector’s interest in Turkey hit a record level”

UBM Rotaforte Founding Partner Sermin Cengiz, stated the following: “We are very happy to have successfully organized our exhibition which sets the agenda of the world jewelry sector and its professionals for the 48th time under the sponsorship of TEB. Organized in March and October, Istanbul Jewelry Show provides a platform for the realization of almost 80% of the Turkish jewelry exports. There is an increase trend in the number of visitors at our exhibitions organized for the last 3 years. Turkish companies provide the biggest contribution to this trend. The ability of Turkish companies to produce a wide range of products and services at different price ranges for various markets and Turkey’s jewelry history of 7,000 years placed our country among the top countries of the world jewelry sector. Supported with promotional activities throughout the year, the Turkish jewelry sector increased its success in exports. According to IMMIB data, jewelry exports from Turkey increased by 81% between 2016 and 2018 and reached $4.4 billion. We expect our exports to reach $6 billion with the business meetings and agreements to be conducted within the scope of our exhibitions in March and October.”

Top 20 visiting countries to Istanbul Jewelry Show – March 2019

  1. Turkey 18.798
  2. Saudi Arabia 801
  3. India 787
  4. Iran 645
  5. Iraq 601
  6. United Arab Emirates 573
  7. Algeria 538
  8. Lebanon 513
  9. Russian Federation 419
  10. Libya 410
  11. Ukraine 329
  12. Egypt 327
  13. Morocco 296
  14. Israel 280
  15. Syria 268
  16. Jordan 267
  17. Greece 237
  18. Azerbaijan 221
  19. Germany 211
  20. Italy 203
  21. Other 4.017
  22. Total 30.741

Istanbul Jewelry Show – October 2019, Turkey’s last jewelry show for 2019, will take place on October 10 – 13, 2019.



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