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Jennifer Lopez Wears Pasquale Bruni Jewelry in Marry Me

Pasquale Bruni is the official jewelry partner of the Universal Pictures film.




IF YOU HAVE seen the trailers for the new romantic Jennifer Lopez movie Marry Me, in which she stars with Owen Wilson, and you have been wondering about the gold and diamond necklace and earrings she is wearing with her glittery wedding gown and veil, you no longer have to wonder. The jewels are from Pasquale Bruni, the multi-generational Italian heritage house launched by Pasquale 50 years ago. He was joined by his son, Daniele, in marketing, and his daughter, Eugenia, who has been part of the creative team and designed the jewels seen on J.Lo in the film. A spokesperson for Pasquale Bruni has described the company as the “the official jewelry partner of Universal Pictures’ film Marry Me.”

It’s no surprise that this film is slated to release in time for Valentine’s Day since it is a romance based on all the modern nuances of celebrities in today’s media climate –everything that happens to a couple is fair game through the lens of all the many social outlets. Forget just being on Page Six or in the pages of Hollywood rags. The film reveals how a star’s life is now posted across platforms that are too numerous to mention and how they have to, as Jennifer Lopez says as her character Kat Valdez in the film, “stay ahead of it.” But back to the jewelry and how it represents the romance between two strangers in the storyline.

Lopez stars as Kat Valdez, a global musical superstar who finds out on the day she is supposed to marry her fiancé on stage in front of 20 million viewers that he is cheating on her. The fiancé is played by Maluma.

Enter divorced math teacher Charlie Gilbert, played by Wilson, who takes his daughter to the concert and is handed a sign that says “Marry Me.” In a spontaneous moment, Kat says yes and the two strangers then have to navigate social media as they get to know each other. Since it’s a Valentine’s Day romance, I am sure you can figure out how it ends.


A spokesperson for Pasquale Bruni says, “The jewels are representative of the couple’s romantic journey, from the iconic Giardini Segreti collection, the mysterious secrets of the metamorphosis of a leaf into a flower and a butterfly, and the newly released Aleluiá enchanted wings, which are a woman’s ode to love and life.” The spokesperson adds, “All the emotions of Pasquale Bruni jewelry can be felt throughout this modern romantic film. Love relies on a kind of magic, and that magic can be experienced in the intimacy of Pasquale Bruni’s golds and gems, which inspire women to reconnect with their divine soul, with nature and with their own boundless power.”

These and other jewels from the maison are featured throughout the film:


Jennifer Lopez wearing the jewelry in the scene in which she is supposed to marry her fiancé but marries Owen Wilson’s character.


Jennifer Lopez in a close up on Pasquale’s page

Jennifer Lopez in a close up on Pasquale’s page.



Watch the official trailer for the film:



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