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“Jewelers’ Scale” Is Now Available on the Apple App Store and the Android Market




(PRESS RELEASE) Calculating the cost of production is a critical step while launching a product in the market. At times it may take days and even weeks to determine the cost and the metal to be used. Due to budget and/or time constraints or target market, designers are often discouraged with the hefty results without knowing other available options. With Jewelers’ Scale App, one does not need to be an expert on jewelry production or on calculating the cost of production. Jewelers’ Scale will provide users with crucial information on production and allow them to save precious time and money with its user-friendly features.

The “Weight & Casting Cost Calculator” will ask the user to enter the volume of the CAD design. Then, it will calculate the weight and the approximate cost of the piece in major precious metals, such as silver, 10K, 14K, 18K, and Platinum. A simple “how to” video is also provided for volume calculation.

The App will allow the user to easily transfer the selected precious metal casting cost to the “Jeweler’s Ledger” by simply checking a box. The itemized costs of the design can be entered to the ledger to see the cost breakdown which can be saved and emailed for record keeping.

The “Scrap Gold Calculator” will calculate the value of the scrap metal in current market price based on the precious metal type. The “Precious Metals Current Market Price” feature will allow the user to see current market price for desired precious metals. “Weight Units Converter” will convert between weight units. The “Casting Calculations” will provide information on how much the piece will weigh in different metals (silver, 10K, 14K etc.). User can find out the casting costs/dwt of the design in major precious metals, such as silver, 14K, 18K and platinum based on current market prices.


One of the other valuable benefits of the App is that it provides tips for ‘Common Setbacks for Designers’, which will help avoid unforeseen discrepancies and flaws in the cost calculation.

In the Pro version, “STL File Viewer & Sharing” feature will allow user to view the CAD design in 3D from every angle. This feature automatically provides the designs’ volume which can be transferred to “Weight & Casting Cost Calculator” for accurate costing. CAD files can be browsed from the internal storage, FTP and other cloud storages. User can take a screenshot or record a video and share them directly from the App via email or other messaging platforms.

If you would like further information on Jewelers’ Scale, please contact: [email protected]






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