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Judge the Jewels: Lil Yachty’s Custom Crayon-Inspired Cuff

It’s made of 18K gold with custom-carved vibrant blue turquoise forming the tip and end of the blue crayon.




The sighting: Jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn recently revealed a very special bespoke design on her Instagram account: a custom crayon-inspired cuff designed for rapper Lil Yachty.

The jewels: A fantastic example of Nadine Ghosn’s signature style, the Lil Yachty bracelet is modeled after a Crayola-style crayon, with the rapper’s name on the crayon’s “label” where the crayon manufacturer’s brand name would normally go.

The piece is made of 18K gold with custom-carved vibrant blue turquoise forming the tip and end of the blue crayon. The gold of the cuff features a matte finish that helps encourage the visual impression that this piece of fine jewelry is actually a bent blue crayon.

Nadine Ghosn Jewelry does not list the crayon bracelet on their website, but a similar style – the brand’s signature pencil bracelet – is listed online at $24,880 for custom commissions.

After some scrolling, I discovered that this isn’t Lil Yachty’s first Nadine Ghosn Jewelry purchase: the rapper bought a Nadine Ghosn Lego ring for singer Faye Webster after the two of them collaborated on her original song, appropriately called “Lego Ring.”

The song appears to have predated the ring, which makes me wonder if searching for a fine jewelry Lego ring could be how Lil Yachty discovered Nadine Ghosn?

The trends: Surrealism has been a strong trend in jewelry in recent years, and it’s just a small step over from there to pop art.

Will we soon see as many celebs in Nadine Ghosn-style pop art designs as we currently see in Schiaparelli? Probably not immediately, but I’m very interested to see if the pop art style becomes more prevalent now that Lil Yachty has commissioned this piece.

What do we think? This is really fun and creative – and the pop art crayon is extremely well done, from its precisely-shaped turquoise crayon tip to the Crayola-inspired font of Lil Yachty’s name on the label.

It’s too soon to judge the trend potential of this moment (just one sighting does not a trend make, unless it’s on Taylor Swift) but I think this is a really cool piece of jewelry and I love to see celebrities support independent designers who make interesting things.

Judgement: 14/10 for a fun pop art jewelry choice.

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