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LovePendants Launches With Unique Approach to Customized Jewelry





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NEW YORK, NY – Launched by fine jewelry designer and industry veteran Robert Leser, LovePendants is a new jewelry company that allows customers to uniquely personalize their jewelry by engraving topaz, amethyst, green quartz or citrine with a symbol, letter or word that holds special significance. Gemstones are then set in the customer’s metal choice of vermeil, silver or 14k gold and turned into a necklace, bracelet or charm.

To create LovePendants’ signature engraved gemstones, Leser invented a 12mm round gemstone cut with reversible flat surfaces; both sides of the stone have tables surrounded by crown facets closely aligned to each other. Leser’s concept to engrave in reverse on one side and then view the engraving from the other side was realized using sophisticated laser technology.

“There are so many options for engraved gold and silver jewelry, but until now nothing like engraved semi-precious gemstones,” says Leser. “There are moments in life that people want to mark to remember and feelings they want to express and commit to that truly personal jewelry like LovePendants can memorialize. While silver and gold can always be formed into something new, gemstones can last forever. I created LovePendants for people to have personal treasures reflecting life’s moments, written in stone for all time.”

The current engravings are grouped into five categories on the LovePendants’ website, all of which can be turned into a necklace, bracelet or charm of a customer’s choosing:

  • Initials: includes all letters of the alphabet
  • Sentiments: includes Hope and Joy, and Love in English, Spanish and Chinese;
  • Popular Symbols: includes a Cross, Heart, Shamrock, Star of David, Hamsa, Peace Sign, Snowflake and other popular icons;
  • Sorority Letters: LovePendants is officially licensed by 23 Greek organizations;
  • Awareness Ribbons: includes a ribbon engraving painted with a choice of 13 colors associated with more than 30 causes; 20 percent of proceeds from awareness ribbon engravings will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute.

Customers can request stones to be engraved with four-character words and can also submit their own symbols to LovePendants to be produced in large quantities. Bracelets can be set with one or three stones; necklaces can be made with one or more pendants; and all can be accented with diamond bezels.


LovePendants’ metal choices include silver, vermeil or 14k gold; there’s also an option to have charms or pendants accentuated with diamond bezels. Silver charms start at $208 and go up to $699 for gold charms with diamond bezels. Single stone silver necklaces start at $219 and go up to $1,560 for two stone necklaces with diamonds. Single stone bracelets in silver start at $256 and go up to $2,340 for three stone bracelets in gold with diamonds.

LovePendants will launch its wholesale collection on May 31 at Luxury JCK in Las Vegas.

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