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Meet the Royal Chain Heroes September Winners

They’re recognized for their courage and selflessness.




Royal Chain heroes
Michelle Patterson, Avery Culpepper, Elaine Canty, Jory Zimmerman

(PRESS RELEASE) The CSR initiative launched by Royal Chain, The Royal Chain Heroes, has announced the first group of heroes. The goal in mind: Prove that jewelry brands can lend a hand in making a difference by giving back to their communities. After its launch last month, the program selected four winning heroes for the month of September. These everyday heroes are recognized not only for their courage but also for their selflessness in the areas of healthcare and empowerment of others. Here is a brief snapshot of the four individuals.

diamond and amethyst bracelet from Royal Chain and Barbara Parker’s Diamond Vault

Diamond and amethyst bracelet

Hero 1 is Michelle Patterson, CEO of the Real Share. After being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer last year, Patterson has spearheaded many initiatives supporting women and giving women everywhere a voice. To celebrate all of her humanitarian achievements, Patterson received a gold, diamond and amethyst bracelet. The rose gold in the piece symbolizes October as breast cancer awareness month and the amethyst provides natural tranquilizing properties to help healing. Barbara Parker’s Diamond Vault, which nominated Patterson, awards her this piece with Royal Chain.

aquamarine earrings from Royal Chain and Romantique Jewelers

Aquamarine earrings

Hero 2 is Avery Culpepper, a registered nurse. During the pandemic, Culpepper has been on the front-line taking care of all types of patients and those with COVID-19. Culpepper gets patients the help they need and puts their needs before her own. Royal Chain awarded her with its aquamarine earrings, her birthstone. Romantique Jewelers, in Bridgeton, MO, will award Avery this piece.

Italian Cable bangle from Royal Chain and Toodies Fine Jewelry

Italian Cable bangle

Hero 3, Elaine Canty, was supposed to be retired after over 40 years of hard work as a nurse when she was asked to stay longer to take care of patients during the pandemic. At the start of her career in the 1980’s, she was thrust into a world faced with the AIDS pandemic, taking care of patients with nowhere to turn in a time of uncertainty and confusion about the disease. Last Friday she ended her career during another pandemic. Her perseverance has also inspired her daughter to follow in her footsteps and seek a career in nursing. Royal Chain awarded Canty with its Italian Cable bangle to celebrate her passion for Italy. Toodies Fine Jewelry, in Quincy, MA, will join Royal Chain in awarding Elaine this piece.

Woven Collection bracelet from Royal Chain and Windy City Diamonds

Woven Collection bracelet

Jory Zimmerman is a critical care nurse practitioner. After a hiking accident, he left his job in the jewelry industry and began a career in healthcare. When the pandemic hit, he left his life in Maryland and moved to New York at his own will and expense to help those in need at the epicenter. His father, owner of Windy City Diamonds in Chicago, nominated him for his dedication and passion, and Royal Chain awarded Jory with its Woven collection bracelet.

These inspiring stories can be found on The Royal Chain Heroes official website, their social media pages, and through many retail stores that are part of the Royal Chain Network.

Retailers across North America are encouraged to submit nominations for everyday heroes in their communities. Fill in the form that can be found on the Royal Chain Heroes website All stories received will be considered for our next round of winners published in November. Let’s give thanks to all those who have given so much to others.



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