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12 Dapper Jewelry Looks for Men




Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean that the jewelry box is exclusively a feminine domain. Dapper dudes of the world have more options today than ever before to adorn themselves appropriately. Jewelry for everyone and everyone for jewelry!


WHY WE LOVE IT: Made using a vintage map showing the city of your choice, these cufflinks are the perfect way to commemorate a place that’s close to your heart.

DESCRIPTION: Brass cufflinks with 1935-1954 era maps preserved in archival resin

MSRP: $95


(856) 577-8662 |


Cufflinks are the best way to add a spice of personality to any basic button-down. Tell your client to be the guy who goes the extra mile to style his sleeves.



WHY WE LOVE IT: Classically elegant, with a mix of textures and colors. What’s not to love?


DESCRIPTION: Sterling silver cufflinks with black onyx and 18K yellow gold

MSRP: $375

(800) 321-9711 |




➤ Gemstones are the usual suspects for giving jewelry a dose of color, but there’s another contender that’s on the rise: Enamel, with its infinite variety of colors is a perfect medium for giving jewelry a vivid, glossy surface. Black and white patterns with hints of other hues are leading the way to enamel’s resurgence.





WHY WE LOVE IT: Wave your arms around while you’re wearing these sleek, sexy cufflinks and you’ll be a one-man meteor shower

DESCRIPTION: Meteorite in 18K yellow gold with diamonds (0.14 TCW)

MSRP: $4,400

(585) 383-1089 | 



WHY WE LOVE IT: These bright-eyed skulls are delightfully cheeky but small enough that they’re still appropriate for almost any situation.

DESCRIPTION: Silver and enamel cufflinks with garnet eyes

MSRP: $350

(212) 382-3340 | 



WHY WE LOVE IT: This pendant’s design is inspired by the closure of a butterfly knife. Use its hidden USB drive to store files you need frequently, or your most important, meaningful documents or photos.

DESCRIPTION: Sterling silver pendant with micro magnet closure and a 64GB USB drive

MSRP: $750

(888) 563-4500 |


From the tallest buildings to the tiniest microprocessors, engineering makes our modern world go ’round. These pieces pay homage to the beauty of carefully calculated manmade achievement.



WHY WE LOVE IT: This eyecatching pendant looks like the architectural framework of a gemstone. Its mixed metals and negative space are a unique take on a classic shape.

DESCRIPTION: 18K white and rose gold pendant necklace with brown diamonds (1.26 TCW)

MSRP: $6,050

(800) 827-7464 |



WHY WE LOVE IT: There’s something grand about this setting’s dimensions that makes it feel like a precision device developed specifically to display the center stone of your customer’s choice.

DESCRIPTION: 14K white gold and diamond (0.33 TCW) setting shown with a 2.08-carat chocolate center diamond (not included)

MSRP: $4,670

(562) 437-0448 |



WHY WE LOVE IT: A gorgeous, graphic reminder that the innards of the technology we take for granted a million times a day really are something remarkable. Tech recycling at its best

DESCRIPTION: Silver-plated tie clip with circuit board pieces under epoxy resin

MSRP: $29

(877) 214-7464 | 

The Natural World

The beauty of nature has inspired humans to create art for as long as there have been humans. Advise clients to wear these designs when they want to channel the awesome power and energy of Mother Nature.



WHY WE LOVE IT: A gorgeously modern piece, this design is inspired by prehistoric art from the Lascaux caves.

DESCRIPTION: Sterling silver necklace showing a stampede of buffalo and horses

MSRP: $895

(919) 926-1100 |



WHY WE LOVE IT: The combination of warm Fiji orangewood with titanium accented with rose gold is a spectacular marriage of opposing forces joined into a compelling whole.

DESCRIPTION: Titanium ring with 14K rose gold and Fiji orangewood inlay

MSRP: $1,137

(888) 252-7388 |



WHY WE LOVE IT: This handcarved wolf ring is so dynamic we can almost hear it howling. Equally gorgeous in rose gold or oxidized silver.

DESCRIPTION: 18K yellow gold with diamond eyes MSRP: $9,800 (310) 395-6706 |



WHY WE LOVE IT: The texture of this cuff gives it a high style quotient for its small size. The three elk represent intuition and acute senses; who couldn’t use a boost in that department?

DESCRIPTION: Sterling silver cuff showing a trio of antlered elk MSRP: $418 (877) 479-7742 |

 This article originally appeared in the December 2016 edition of INSTORE.



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