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On Sales : Lifelong Obsession




On Sales : Lifelong Obsession

 Keep your customers
coming back for the
long haul.


Published in the December 2011 issue.

You’ve made that big sale
… but if the customer
does not come back and
see you again, then you
have won only half the battle.
Now is the time to ensure a
lifetime commitment from your
customer. You do this by creating

Do something beyond the
call of duty. It does not have to
be anything big or extravagant.
Sometimes the simplest things can
be viewed as going the extra mile if
delivered properly.

How about that complimentary
jar of jewelry cleaner? Instead of
saying no big deal and that every
customer gets one, make it big. Say,
“I want you to have this as a thankyou
for your business and trust.”


How about that customer who
comes in to have a watch band
sized that was not purchased at
your store who asks, “How much
do I owe you?” To a repeat customer,
I say, “I will cash in your
frequent buyer points. It’s no
charge today.”

To a new customer, I make them
hold up their right hand and repeat
after me: “ I promise to come
see Brian for any future jewelry
needs.” Then I tell them it’s no
charge and thank them for becoming
my newest customer. I assure
them that I will always be there to
take care of any jewelry need no
matter how big or small it may be.

You have just created a customer
for life who will remember you and
the good experience.

You must also stay in touch with
your customer. People like to be
remembered. Send everyone a
thank-you card after a purchase. If
the sale is over $1,500, send them a
$100 gift certificate as a thank-you
toward their next purchase.

Send a handwritten birthday or
anniversary card. Make what you
say personal and meaningful in a
about a paragraph.

Send your best customers a nice
Christmas card. Not generic and
cheap. Let them know that they are
worth more than the standard card
that other companies may send.


Trust me, they will feel the
warmth and sincerity when you
do the little things well with good
intentions. How could they not
think of you next time they need a
gift, jewelry repair or special occasion?

Brian Barfield is a senior sales
associate at The Gem Collection in
Tallahassee, FL, who also does sales
consulting and training. E-mail him at
[email protected]!



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