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Podcast Highlight: Millennial Jeweler Wonders Why Her Age Group Gets a Bad Rap, and Explains Why It’s Okay With Her

There’s one way in which she actually enjoys millennials’ bad reputation.





LOTS OF PEOPLE like to dump on millennials, says Alexis Padis, director of operations for San Francisco’s Padis Jewelry as well as her family’s California wine label, Padis Vineyards, and a millennial herself. But she doesn’t understand why.

Said Padis, in her recent visit to INSTORE’s new podcast, The Barb Wire: “What do millennials want that we don’t all want? We all want excellent customer service. We all want product available. We want to try on things. We want to see them in person. We want to see, touch, feel and we want a good deal. Everything the millennials get that bad rap for is something we all ultimately want.”

In the short highlight above, listen to Alexis explain the one main reason why she enjoys millennials’ bad reputation. Or check out the entire podcast below. Want to receive all our podcasts on your mobile device? Use the icons below to sign up on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Sticher or your favorite podcast player.





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