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A Gemstone Photo Solution and More Stuff for Your Store for May





1 Small but mighty
smartphone cameras
have become the answer to
taking virtually any kind of
personal photo, from selfies
with the family dog to capturing
vacation memories.
Equipped with a magnifying
lens, LED light, tweezers
and a convertible black
and white background, the
Triple D photo kit adds taking
high quality diamond
and gemstone photos and
video to its capabilities. An
associated app permits easy
sharing of the images and
certification information.


MSRP: $299


2Diamonds are synonymous
with weddings
and commitment, glamour
and luxury, but have you
ever wondered how that
came to be? Rachelle Bergstein’s
book Brilliance and
Fire: A Bigraphy of Diamonds
leads a guided tour
of the history and culture
behind the stones, from
the South African diamond
mines of the 19th century
to Hollywood, including
cameos from everyone from
Cecil Rhodes to Elizabeth
Taylor and Wallis

MSRP: $25.99



3 It’s impossible for
customers to take
advantage of an event or
sale offer without hearing
about it first. With their
large proportions and
substantial weight Porte
oversize (8.5 by
5.5 inch) plastic postcards
cut through the deluge of
junk-mail noise to promote
a store’s special message.
Each customizable mailer
features a pop-out card that
gives shoppers a pocketsized

MSRP: from 98 cents each
(including postage)


4 There are better
places for keeping eyeglasses
close than stowed
precariously in a pocket.
Handmade eye rings from
Turchin Jewelry are necklaces
that hold glasses aloft
and are a fresh alternative
to the eye chains of yore.
Made in materials including
sterling silver, gemstones
and leather, the necklaces
are so good looking they’ll
stay in constant use … even
on contact-lens days.


MSRP: $170 to $800


5 The jewelry boxes
from Splendid Music
bestow beauty in a
multitude of ways. Not only
are the handcrafted pieces
an elegant enhancement in
any room where they make
an appearance, but each
plays a lilting melody that
creates a soothing mood.
And a well-organized jewelry
collection is always a
lovely sight to

MSRP: $249

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Wilkerson Testimonials

Downsizing? Wilkerson Is Here to Help

Orin Mazzoni, Jr., the owner of Orin Jewelers in Garden City and Northville, Michigan, decided it was time to downsize. With two locations and an eye on the future, Mazzoni asked Wilkerson to take the lead on closing the Garden City store. Mazzoni met Wilkerson’s Rick Hayes some years back, he says, and once he made up his mind to consolidate, he and Hayes “set up a timeline” for the sale. Despite the pandemic, Mazzoni says the everything went smoothly. “Many days, we had lines of people waiting to get in,” he says, adding that Wilkerson’s professionalism made it all worthwhile. “Whenever you do an event like this, you think, ‘I’ve been doing this my whole life. Do I really need to pay someone to do it for me?’ But then I realized, these guys are the pros and we need to move forward with them.”

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