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The Importance of WOWING Your Customers

The common thread that retailers agree upon is the need to create a life experience whenever someone walks into their store.




The Importance of WOWING Your Customers

(PRESS RELEASE) Everyone likes to be Wowed. In fact, every day consumers shop for that WOW factor whether it is on-line, in a retail store, window shopping or even surfing on various websites on a smartphone. Every year business is different from the last; and this year surely holds no exceptions. The common thread that retailers agree upon is the need to create a life experience whenever someone walks into their store.

GN Diamond speaks with over local 5,000 retail jewelry stores, weekly, and we listen to some of their creative ideas on how a WOW experience may be realized. In addition, we host a monthly webinar with Shane Decker, the ultimate sales advisor for jewelry stores and president of Ex-sell-ence Sales Academy. One suggestion may be when someone walks into a store for a watch battery and while they are waiting you wow them with a 2-4 ct diamond that you are excited about or a new piece of finished jewelry that is spectacular. By creating these unique and unparalleled experiences, the customer will leave feeling special and that you truly care which will hopefully lead to a future sale.

Storytelling can also create a WOW experience. For example, when a client comes to you for any reason, you can tell them the story of how and why you purchased a certain diamond. Perhaps, 3 out of 10 times they may be an add-on and 7 out of 10 times they may not, but they will always remember the respect that was shown and the excitement that you created while they were in your store! This may lead to an extra Mother’s Day sale, Holiday sale, or any occasion sale!

A couple of discussion points when speaking about diamonds that can surely excite your customers.

  1. Natural diamonds may be anywhere from 1 to 3.7 billion years old. WOW! That is incredible!!!
  2. There is 34% less inventory and there haven’t been any new discoveries since 2005. Natural diamonds continue to appreciate.
  3. Diamond cutters may attend school for over 10 years just to get their techniques fine-tuned. This may be longer than doctors, lawyers and dentists.
  4. An average woman looks at her hand over 25,000 times a year. It is important to let end consumers know that diamonds entering your store are cherry picked from hundreds with the same color and clarity. Each diamond has unique characteristics.
  5. Lab grown diamonds are here to stay but because they are created via technology the supply is unlimited, nonetheless, their price points are attractive to consumers of all ages. GN Diamond has seen a tremendous increase in sales of lab grown diamonds as well lab grown diamond studs in large sizes.

Creating opportunities is a challenge for everyone but the shear excitement in one’s voice is always appreciated and may lead to many future sales and possible referrals.

GN Diamond is loyal to our retail customers and is open 24/7 at and 800-724-8810. Happy Wowing during this spring and summer season.




When the Kids Have Their Own Careers, Wilkerson Can Help You to Retire

Alex and Gladys Rysman are the third generation to run Romm Jewelers in Brockton, Mass. And after many decades of service to the industry and their community, it was time to close the store and take advantage of some downtime. With three grown children who each had their own careers outside of the industry, they decided to call Wilkerson. Then, the Rysmans did what every jeweler should do: They called other retailers and asked about their own Wilkerson experience. “They all told us what a great experience it was and that’s what made us go with Wilkerson.” says Gladys Rysman. The results? Alex Rysman says he was impressed. “We exceeded whatever I expected to do by a large margin.”

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