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Why Reddit Should Be a Part of Your Mother’s Day Marketing Plan

If you’ve never been on Reddit before, create a profile and go exploring.




INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK are ideal for expanding a brand online and are good for generating foot traffic ahead of holidays, but have you considered adding Reddit to your social media mix? Considered ‘the front page of the internet’, Reddit is consistently overlooked by retailers but can deliver a strong ROI and is a great way to put your brand in front of new customers.

Like all social media, it’s helpful to understand the platform before creating ads and deploying a campaign. If you’ve never been on Reddit before, create a profile and go exploring. There are 2.8 million subreddits that connect fans of everything from Taylor Swift to vintage watches.

Why Advertise on Reddit for Mother’s Day

Reddit will surpass 50 million users in the U.S. this year and 74% of those are men. Notably, 63% hold a bachelor’s degree and 65% visit the site daily for an average of 16 minutes per session. The predominantly male, educated, and engaged audience makes it ideal for campaigns focused on gift giving. At a time when other social media networks are getting more expensive and less effective, Reddit’s Cost Per Click (CPC) is low when compared to Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Recent campaigns were at or below a $1 CPC.


Tips for Advertising on Reddit

1.Keep it simple. The ad format is a single image, up to 300 characters of text, and a url. There is an option to do a carousel format, but best practice is to replicate the same ad with 3-5 different images.

2.Do the work for them. Most of us (men) don’t know our way around a jewelry store so curate an online gift guide with varied price points along with different styles, including both classic and on trend. Definitely include a “Gifts Under $500” category to attract a broader audience and lower the intimidation factor.

3.Don’t use stock photos. Stock stands out on social media and is perceived as inauthentic. Use a mix of high-quality product close ups instead.

4.Don’t check the box for “Allow comments”. The internet has taught us to let everyone voice their opinion, but Redditors can be a little rough so don’t risk it.

5.Broaden your reach. Reddit allows you to target by DMA (Designated Market Area), which is basically the TV market. You can’t narrow it down to zip code or a radius around a specific address as you can on other platforms, but you may find shoppers that commute or live in outlying areas that typically aren’t addressed in other social media campaigns.

6.Find specific audiences. A broad audience is effective for Mother’s Day, but Reddit also offers the opportunity to target ads to very specific niches. There are dozens of Subreddits around jewelry and watches like r/diamonds and r/cartier, or target engagement ring buyers with r/engagementrings. Ad creative should be tailored to each specific audience.

As with any new media, start small with a test and find what works best for you. Good luck!



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