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With TrueView AR, Virtual Try-Ons are a Reality for Everyone

This turnkey tech solution has built-in benefits to grow any jewelry business—big or small.




(PRESS RELEASE) BELLEVUE, WA — From heatmap technology to concierge apps, jewelers are investing their dollars in an array of e-commerce tools and enhancements in their quest to capture the modern jewelry consumer. Virtual try-on technology is the new frontier but only a select group of deeppocketed industry titans have adopted it. Until now.

Enter TrueView AR, a new virtual try-on system that’s designed to be accessible to all types of jewelry e-comm businesses.

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“We’re not trying to gate-keep the tech,” says Bahruz Agayev, TrueView AR managing director. “Most of the virtual try-on solutions you see out there were custom-built for the company using it and that’s a luxury that the studio designer, or family-owned jeweler on Main Street, often can’t afford. So we’re taking a democratic approach with our product, and removing the red tape so that everyone in the jewelry industry capture their customers via this very cool shopping experience—and boost their conversion rates as much as the big guys.”

TrueView AR’s sophisticated, multi-application system is turnkey, compatible with any existing ecomm platform. A simple web plugin enables a 3-D virtual experience to help customers see themselves in the jewelry designs that catch their eye—without having to download a separate app.

Clients can expect robust online conversion rates while maximizing the built-in retail benefits of:

  • Customization options: Jewelry shoppers can instantly and easily switch up the metal, gem type, shape, and size, all when they’re in try-on mode, offering the ability to view different looks on a single PDP. Offering this dynamic mix-and-match experience ensures there is something for everyone.
  • Analytics: Reacting and responding to data is key to the growth of any jewelry business. With TrueView AR, retailers can easily access valuable data analytics and insights to understand which products, customized combinations, gems, or designs are the most popular. They can also determine what pieces are sampled the most at a specific store location. Designers might use the intel to develop a collection completely informed by customer behavior.
  • Social sharing: Online shoppers can easily snap and share ring selfies and other images of their tryon experience within their social media networks. This vital integration will allow businesses to meet Gen Z consumers where they are while providing organic exposure to an expanded qualified audience, all through a customer’s try-on image being shared on Instagram, TikTok and other social media.

Jewelry industry veteran Nan Lung Palmer, owner of Facets Consulting, is among a select group of pros asked to test-drive TrueView AR and advise on its development. “I can tell you that it’s hypertailored to the needs of professional jewelers and DTC jewelry brands,“ she says. “I am excited about this technology and would definitely encourage brands to incorporate it into their retail strategies. It adds a much-needed jolt of energy to tired e-comm platforms and will get consumers talking about, and sharing, your product. All the built-in brand-building benefits make it must-have in my opinion—and it doesn’t cost a fortune.”


“We’ve tried to create a product that is super targeted to the Gen Z consumer mindset and will help businesses maximize the growth opportunities that are waiting for them in the digital space,” says Agayev. “Because the future won’t wait. Every jeweler with a digital platform should have skin in the game.”



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