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Zendaya Wears Bulgari Diamond Serpent Bracelets Stacked on Both Arms

The style creates an edgy, elegant look.




Zendaya at Oscars 2022
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

ZENDAYA’S ARMS WERE stacked with Bulgari Serpenti viper bracelets that climbed up her wrist at the 2022 Academy Awards. The look was at once modern, youthful and sensual. Serpent jewelry dates back to antiquity, and depending on the culture and civilization, was associated with both negative and positive connotations. Most recognized were Cleopatra’s snake jewels. But in Western culture, much of the meaning of serpents changed when Queen Victoria received an entwined snake engagement ring with her birthstone — emerald — in the head of the snake from Prince Albert. This is when serpents, which had represented eternity, rebirth and renewal, also took on the symbolism of eternal love. They also became one of the most popular motifs of Victorian times. The sinuous silhouette that slithers around the finger, wraps around the wrist or coils around the neck continued to inspired designers and renowned houses throughout the 20th century, each with their own distinctive point of view and interpretations. Bulgari has been playing with the snake silhouette in a variety of jewels, and those that Zendaya, brand ambassador for Bulgari, wore are the more contemporary pieces. The necklace that she is wearing is a preview of the newest collection, which will be shown this spring 2022.

Independent and emerging designers have been creating snake pieces in diamonds or gold, and you can achieve the look that Zendaya wore to the awards by mixing some of the snake pieces by different creators or by mixing a serpent or two with some coil bracelets you might have in your jewelry collection, or even thin cuffs or bangles stacked in between the snake piece.

There are numerous ways to achieve this look, which was the most directional at the 2022 Oscars.




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