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Fashion Jewelry Brings the Fabulous

From giant statement-makers to everyday go-tos, fashion jewelry offers affordable appeal.




FASHION JEWELRY OFFERS COUTURE-CURIOUS CUSTOMERS a way to experiment and beginning buyers an affordable option to play. For those reasons and others, it’s never a bad idea to have a selection of carefully curated fashion jewelry in stock as an alternative to your more precious pieces.


Ring in 18K gold plate and black brass metal with cubic zirconia stones., (212) 465-8500. $72

Daring Designs Push the Bounds of Imagination

These outside-the-box designs take advantage of fashion jewelry’s lower price point and nontraditional materials to push the bounds of what is possible. A customer who might balk at investing a diamond-level amount of funds in an avant-garde piece can breathe more easily when the bold bling they admire sparkles with CZ instead.

V Jewellery Runa earring

V Jewellery

Sterling silver earrings with white sapphire and cubic zirconia.

$153.75, +44(0)121 329 3113


Marcia Moran

Necklace in rhodium plating with wood and titanium druzy.

$163, (323) 571-8191

Janna Conner jewelry

Janna Conner

Ring in 18K gold plated brass with strawberry quartz.

$40, (213) 915-6576

Christina Greene jewelry

Christina Green

Earrings with black onyx in 18K yellow gold over sterling silver.

$250, (832) 803-9152

Daniel Espinosa Jewelry Aquarella

Daniel Espinosa Jewelry

Earrings in 22K yellow gold over sterling silver with amethyst (86.04 TCW).

$1,985, +52 55 900 2424

Suzanna Dai jewelry

Suzanna Dai

Earrings with rhinestone-chain covered balls connected by gold chains with top backed in ivory leather and sterling silver post.

$220, (917) 412-8679


Evocateur Westport Cuff


Cuff bracelet in 22K yellow gold leaf with enamel.

$328, (203) 820-8786

Sarah Magid Electric Fringe Bracelet

Sarah Magid

Bracelet in brass metal with 12K yellow gold finish.

$248, (646) 756-0302

Sundrop Jewelry

Sundrop Jewelry

Sterling silver necklace with sun-melted recycled green bottle glass elements.

$300, (707) 786-3767

Classic Creations Offer Maximum Appeal for the Price

These pieces carefully combine iconic concepts of traditional jewelry design with the more affordable but still high quality materials of fashion jewelry to create easy-to-love jewels that any number of customers would be delighted to bring home. Maximum appeal with minimum sticker shock.

ELLE Jewelry necklace

ELLE Jewelry

Silver and 14K rose gold plate necklace with mystic quartz.

$140,, (469) 221-0866

Nina Nguyen necklace with boulder opal

Nina Nguyen

Necklace with boulder opal in 22K gold vermeil on oxidized sterling silver chain.

$695, (720) 459-7664


Isabelle Grace Jewelry necklace

Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Necklace with jade drop studded with two-toned crystal accents on 14K gold-filled or sterling silver oxidized chain.

$48, (508) 951-1749

Capwell + Co. Mystic Spring Necklace

Capwell + Co.

Necklace with goldtone plating and lapis and amazonite stones.

$99, (844) 539-1234

Michelle Pressler earrings

Michelle Pressler

Earrings with gold-filled rings hand-wired together with Ethiopian opals and suspended green onyx drops.

$228, (215) 923-9392

Frederic Duclos necklace

Frederic Duclos

Necklace in sterling silver featuring amazonite, amethyst, and mother-of-pearl.

$280, (866) 898-3636

JY Jewels necklace

JY Jewels

Necklace in rose gold plate with precision cut ochre crystals.

$250, +61 407 358 368

Atelier Coralia Leets cuff bracelet

Atelier Coralia Leets Jewelry

Cuff bracelet in 18K gold plated sterling silver with rose quartz, peach quartz, and citrine quartz stone.

$398, (407) 622-6515

Freida Rothman bracelet

Freida Rothman

Bracelet in 14K gold plated silver with cubic zirconia accents.

$220, (718) 513-4114

Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



Wilkerson Testimonials

When It’s Time for Something New, Call Wilkerson

Fifty-four years is a long time to stay in one place. So, when Cindy Skatell-Dacus, owner of Skatell’s Custom Jewelers in Greenville, SC decided to move on to life’s next adventure, she called Wilkerson. “I’d seen their ads in the trade magazines for years,’ she says, before hiring them to run her store’s GOB sale. It was such a great experience, Skatell-Dacus says it didn’t even seem like a sale was taking place. Does she have some advice for others thinking of a liquidation or GOB sale? Three words, she says: “Wilkerson. Wilkerson. Wilkerson.”

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From Madly Creative to Modern Classics, Here Is the Latest in Pearl Jewelry

This is one of the hottest gemstones in jewelry today.




THERE’S A REASON that pearls have been the most iconic example of high-class luxury for hundreds of years: their lustrous lure is eternal. Historically reserved for empresses, doyennes and goddesses, today the creamy beauty of pearls is accessible to customers seeking every style, price point and category.

Golden South Sea pearl jewelry in 18K yellow gold from Jewelmer’s Les Classiques collection is modeled by Solenn Heussaff, including bangle, $3,860; ring, $2,250; earrings, $5,550; and necklace, $57,230. Contact Franck Ferrari at PHOTOGRAPHER: BJ Pascual.

New Classics

These styles are the modern incarnation of what everyone has always loved about pearl jewelry. The epitome of elegance with a contemporary — but still timeless — edge. Each one of these versatile treasures will go with 99.9 percent of any jewelry lover’s wardrobe.

Quality Gold

14K yellow gold pin with freshwater cultured pearl.


(513) 642-2446,

Elisa Ilana Jewelry

Black rhodium over sterling silver chain with black spinel and a carved black Tahitian pearl.


(402) 926-3479,


Ray Griffiths

18K yellow gold South Sea pearl ring with diamonds.


(212) 689-7209,


14K yellow gold earrings with pearls and topaz.


(888) 341-2604,

Susanne Klevorick

14K rose gold earrings with pink pearls and rose zircons.


(646) 662-2110,

Joryel Vera Collections

Sterling silver earrings with pearls, blue topaz and 14K yellow gold.


(561) 508-2945,

Barbela Design

14K yellow gold earrings with pearls.


(212) 682-0834,


14K white gold necklace with pearl and druzy.


(951) 202-1227,


E.L. Designs by Ed Levin Studio

14K yellow gold bracelet with freshwater button pearl.


(800) 828-1122,

Pretty Pioneers

These irresistibly fresh designs represent the latest developments of the pearl revolution. These beauties aren’t just creative; they’ll make you revise your opinion of what a pearl can do. Perfect for tastemakers, trendsetters and those who hunger to disrupt the status quo.


Platinum earrings with aquamarine (14.74 TCW), black jade (4.39 TCW), and South Sea cultured pearls.


(212) 819-0060,

Hi June Parker Fine Jewelry

14K yellow gold ring with baroque pearls.


(917) 865-3533,

Leslie Paige Jewelry

14K yellow gold necklace with pearl.


(949) 683-6459,

Joie DiGiovanni

14K yellow gold necklace with a baroque freshwater pearl and rainbow sapphires.


(215) 987-5660,

Andrea Gutierrez

Cuff bracelet in leather with sterling silver clasp and freshwater pearls.


Little H

14K yellow gold earrings with freshwater pearls, turquoise, rubies, and seed pearls.


(424) 349-8203,


Rachel Quinn

14K yellow gold and sterling silver earrings with Keshi pearls and white topaz drops.


(646) 345-0816,

Alex Sepkus

18K yellow gold necklace with faceted pearls, 18K yellow gold beads, and diamonds.


(212) 391-8466,

Artistry LTD

14K yellow gold earrings with pearls.


(888) 674-3250,

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Roman-Inspired Jewelry, Customizable Money Clips and More New Collections for June

And don’t miss this collection based around “power words.”




Super Nova

The Nova collection from Ayva Jewelry is a powerful new concept designed with today’s modern, empowered woman in mind. Each strong design features a gem acrostic with a power word like “boss” or “grow” or “calm.” Shoppers can take an online quiz to determine their ideal power word, or just choose what speaks to them.


Sterling silver money clip.

Stylish Stacks

The iconic Kin & Pebble money clip is now offered with more customization options than ever before, making it the ideal thoughtful gift or meaningful accessory. Make it perfectly personal with an engraved fingerprint, text, 3-D photo, handprint, footprint, handwriting, or pet print.



18K yellow gold necklace with peridot, tourmaline, topaz, sapphire, and diamonds.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Newly released by Theresa Kaz Jewelry, the Rainbow collection offers the designer’s signature soothing simplicity in a colorful new way. These understated but glorious pieces are destined to be the right customer’s dream come true.


Leather lariat with pyrite beads, diamonds, and a pheasant feather.

A Bountiful Harvest

Rosemary Corte of Harvest Jewels is on a mission to make every woman feel that she’s worthy of wearing diamonds to the grocery store. Her unique and charismatic jewels aim for a big look at achievable prices, and the results are spectacular.



14K yellow gold charm.

When in Rome

Goldsmith Aleda Powell is channeling the inspiration of the ancients in her latest delectable collection. Each handmade charm is a symbolic tribute to one of the legendary Roman gods. Collectible, meaningful, and so wearable. Also available in silver.


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This Overlooked Red Carpet Trend May Be The Most Popular With Your Customers

This style of jewelry is small, but it packs a big punch.




Julie Garner at the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in January 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

DURING AWARDS SEASON, the last piece of jewelry that our industry wants to see is small earrings. But we also want to see a focal point, and for the celebrities who made a statement with necklaces, this was the way they went with their lobes. And in real life, there is nothing like the perfect stud. The most desirable are those that allow us to feel comfortable every day; they have character, but they also let us shine. The more individualized, the better.

Emily P. Wheeler

Line studs in 18K yellow and white gold with diamonds.



Single Stone

Handcrafted Cami studs in 18K yellow gold with old European cut diamonds (approx. 0.90 TCW).


Alex Fitz

All day 14K earrings with two diamond baguettes, gold bar and three round diamonds.


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