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2022 Sales for Retail Jewelers Continue on a Strong Path

Currently, the ratio of rounds to fancy shapes is 50-50.




(PRESS RELEASE) Retailers report a continued strong start to 2022 for sales of natural and lab created diamonds. In a recent article published by Jeweller Magazine, the severe shortage of diamond rough and ultimately polished goods has resulted in large increases in 2022 diamond pricing. However, despite all of this the demand continues to be strong and the forecast is for another solid year in jewelry sales for retailers. There was a noticeable uptick in smaller sizes and less expensive natural, diamonds in addition to increased sales of larger, lab created diamonds. This all makes sense but what is amazing is the increased demand for fancy shaped diamonds inclusive of marquise, emeralds and pears. Currently, the ratio of rounds to fancy shapes is 50-50 while in previous years rounds may have made up over 70% of diamond sales.

GN Diamond concurs with the article written by Jeweller Magazine, but it has also seen very large diamonds sell in excess of 4+ carats along with consistent sales of 2 ct – 3.5cts in various shapes but predominantly rounds and ovals. Because of the additional expense of shipping back and forth customers are reporting the extreme help of the 3rd party light performance score all part of the GN “diamond journey” showing its 360 degree view, gemprint and GIA certification. Through an easy to send and view link, retailers are fully equipped to see the diamond before it is even shipped, share this information with their client, secure a deposit, capture the cell phone of the client (if not already acquired) and increase their probability of an in-store sale ten-fold. These added features all come to retailers at no cost and with such ease that sales people of all ages and all experience levels are thrilled.

To learn more about GN Diamond’s fee added features that come with all GIA certified, natural diamonds please feel free to contact them 24/7 at or The addition of its lab created diamond inventory may also be easily viewed on the website as well. GN Diamond 800-724-8810.

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