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Implement the Necessary Element of Clienteling This Bridal Season

The new GN Diamond platform makes it easier to give clients the exceptional service, digital convenience, and personalized experience they desire.




(PRESS RELEASE) Close more sales by clienteling. Clienteling may be defined as the necessary element of finding, engaging, and building customer relationships with your core audience to encourage repeat purchases.”

While the vast majority of the population continue to buy inside a jewelry store and not online, how do you increase the odds that your customers will continue to buy from you rather than your competitor? By clienteling.

Clienteling uses all available tools such as purchase history and client data so you can personalize the shopping experience, provide superior customer service, and facilitate sales. When in-store associates have the power to identify not only your most loyal customers but also their preferences, they are equipped to provide a more personalized and targeted service. With access to a customer’s profile, your associates may look up important notes, open offers, past purchases, and wish lists.

Effective outreach with personalized value propositions like coming in for free jewelry cleaning and a re-check of prongs may be some forms to increase foot traffic. This instills confidence in your customers and illustrates your sincere concern to provide them with excellent service. It may also lead to much desired referrals. Another idea is a simple change in the tone of your phone conversation, expressing astound excitement of new jewelry or diamonds that may have just entered your store, which may entice customers to pop in for a visit. Any type of personalized communication may increase the odds of a customer buying, and therefore enhancing and cementing your existing relationship.

The importance of consistently communicating various messages to customers about new products will increase cross-selling opportunities.  Often one may get discouraged by leaving so many unanswered messages or not getting the outcome you desire.  However, this persistence and constant contact may lead to future sales especially going into the summer season.

When the average cost of selling to new customers is often five times the cost of selling to existing ones, the numbers speak for themselves. As customers become clients, who then become brand advocates, in-store associates are able to better manage their high value repeat customers. These valuable customers are also be the ones who provide the most referrals and the greatest store awareness among friends and peers in the community.


GN Diamond Makes Clienteling Easier

The new GN Diamond platform makes it easier than ever to give clients the exceptional service, digital convenience, and personalized experience they desire.  GN’s new Diamond Hunt seamlessly integrates with your website to showcase an extensive inventory of loose diamonds, lab created diamonds, and finished jewelry in both natural and lab with your own branding and markups.

Learn more about Diamond Hunt at, contact, or call 800-724-8810.



She Wanted to Spend More Time with Her Kids. She Called Wilkerson.

Your children are precious. More precious than gold? Absolutely! Just ask Lesley Ann Davis, owner of Lesley Ann Jewels, an independent jewelry store that — until the end of 2023 — had quite a following in Houston, Texas. To spend more time with her four sons, all in high school, she decided to close her store. Luckily, she was familiar with Wilkerson and called them as soon as she knew she wanted to move on to bigger, better and more family-focused things. Was she happy with her decision? Yes, she was. Says Davis, “Any owner looking to make that life change, looking to retire, looking to close, looking for a pause in their career, I would recommend Wilkerson. Hands down!”

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