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TJS Awards Four Scholarships for 2024 Edition

The four scholarships will cover the symposium registration fee, three nights at the venue.




(PRESS RELEASE) TROY, MI – TJS (The Jewelry Symposium), the jewelry industry’s annual international event dedicated specifically to the advancement of jewelry manufacturing technology, announced the four scholarship awardees for its 2024 edition. Generously sponsored by TJS supporters C&J Jewelry, Mano Acero Jewelry, and TechForm Advanced Casting, the four inaugural scholarships were awarded to two F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) jewelry design students, one graduating senior in jewelry craftsmanship from the North Bennett Street School, and a young jewelry repair and custom jewelry coordinator from Springer’s Jewelers in Maine.

TJS Scholarship Awardees include:

  • Kat Gozy – Jewelry Design student at the North Bennett Street School
    “I am excited to be given such a great opportunity. I look forward to learning more about the different facets of the jewelry industry from people who are passionate about their work. This symposium offers a whole new perspective of the industry to me.”
  • Xiaoya Ma – Jewelry Design student at Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.)
    “I’m so glad to be chosen by TJS. Can’t wait to meet more people and develop some mentoring relationships with jewelry professionals. I believe it will help my future plans a lot! With the support of the scholarship, I am confident that I can further develop my skills, expand my knowledge, and ultimately make a meaningful contribution to the field of jewelry design.”
  • Marilena Marchetti – Senior Jewelry Design student at Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.)
    “I’m very excited to be attending TJS this year. As a student graduating with a Jewelry Design degree and interest in working on the bench, I can’t think of a better way to meet industry professionals and jump start my career. I’m so appreciative for this incredible opportunity. My goal is to become a master craftswoman and goldsmith.”
  • Jackie Langevin – Client Services Repair Coordinator at Springer’s Jewelers, Bath, Maine
    “Being with other passionate jewelry professionals will be amazing, so I am very excited by the networking opportunities that exist at TJS. I can’t wait for the knowledge that will all be under one roof and to learn more about my craft! I find the list of TJS speakers to be extremely interesting and knowledgeable.”

The four scholarships will cover the symposium registration fee, three nights at the venue – the Detroit Marriott Troy hotel May 18, 19, and 20 – plus meals catered by TJS, as well as a book, a thumb drive of all presentations, and a formal certificate of attendance.

“We are excited to meet these young jewelry professionals and are honored to share information with them at the upcoming symposium in May,” says Linus Drogs, chairman of Board, TJS. “Our industry is facing a serious shortage of young and skilled talent, so we welcome the younger generation with open arms, from every sector of the business.”

F.I.T. Jewelry Department Chair Emeritus Michael Coan also commented, “I am so very proud of our students and grateful for the existence of The Jewelry Symposium. There are never adequate words to describe how great the impact is for students new to jewelry studies to be able to see, absorb, and actually converse with the greats of the jewelry industry on a one-to-one basis. The greatness of TJS lies in the commitment to the sharing of ideas, technologies, and other exciting developments in the jewelry community. I am happy that our students will be able to concentrate all their energies in a supportive artistic environment; it can be truly life-changing.”

For more information or event details regarding TJS, visit, or call or email Jessa Cast at 505-450-4452 or




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