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Jewelry Pro Gear

A New Microscope, Jewelers Tools from Stuller, and More Gear for Jewelry Pros

Plus a new gems book that explores the mineral universe.




wreath on door

Fantastic Florals

Who says that wreaths are only for winter? This utterly gorgeous wreath will adorn your door with autumnal florals all season long. Despite its majesty, the colors are neutral enough to pair with back-to-school displays, Halloween decor, Thanksgiving festivities and everything in between.


GEMAX Pro II Digital Microscope

Major Microscope

The newly redesigned GEMAX Pro II Digital Microscope is ideal for appraisal and repair work. With a generous 5-inch LCD display and crisp magnification at 10X to 300X and up to 1200X by digital, the GEMAX Pro II is easy to use and powerful enough to view an inscription on the girdle of a diamond.



STULLER QC Complete Set with Microblock

All the Good Stuff

The Stuller QC Complete Set with Microblock will make sure you have everything you need to work on uniquely shaped projects, fragile rings, and whatever else comes across your bench. These useful bits and bobs can also help you keep your tools sharp.



A Gem of a Book

The gorgeous volume GEMS brings together mineralogists, scientists, and jewelry historians under the scientific supervision of gemology expert François Farges to explore the diversity of the mineral universe by looking at an exceptional selection of treasures created throughout history.


little jewelry dishes

Petite Plate

These dainty little dishes are just the thing to keep your treasures safe when you’re not wearing them. Each one is handmade by the artist and carefully painted with delicate floral designs in subtle, lovely blue. Perfect for displays, home use, or a thoughtful add-on purchase.


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