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Ceramic and Diamonds, Abalone and Turquoise, and More New Lines for February

Plus an illusion that makes you see this jewelry in 3-D.




18K rose gold ring with diamonds and ceramic.
18K rose gold ring with diamonds and ceramic.

Swirl Appeal

The latest from Italian brand Gismondi 1754, the Genesi collection in white ceramic is a noteworthy neutral your customers will be thrilled to pair with everything they own. Dynamic whirling lines catch the eye, while rich rose gold, sparkling diamonds, and smooth creamy white ceramic unite in delicate aesthetic delight.


Ania Haie 14K gold plated ring with abalone.

14K gold plated ring with abalone.

Oceanic Inspiration

The Turning Tides Collection from Ania Haie offers blue-hued beauty at a very friendly price point. With a chic, gently BoHo vibe inspired by the ever-changing tides and waves of the sea, this collection of easy-to-wear treasures features turquoise and abalone with thoughtful, minimalist details in silver or gold plate.



Made by Malyia 14K yellow gold vermeil earrings.

14K yellow gold vermeil earrings.

Hoop Dreams

This reinvention of the classic hoop earring from MADE BY Malyia is perfect for daring jewelry lovers who crave a truly bold, confident look. Available in two sizes of gold vermeil or silver, the nine discs of the Progression hoop represent the nine planets in the solar system, while the graduated size of the discs symbolizes forward movement and growth.


Lola Zyscovich Silver necklace with hand-carved ebony and pearls.

Silver necklace with hand-carved ebony and pearls.


A Fresh Pearlspective

Lola Zyscovich’s jewelry uses hand-forged rivets and tension settings to set pearls without drilling or glue. Many pieces even allow the pearls to move within their settings, creating a dynamic, architectural aesthetic that is truly modern. All materials are sustainably and ethically sourced.


Chevron 14K rose gold earrings with diamonds and champleve enamel.

14K rose gold earrings with diamonds and champleve enamel.

Alluring Illusions

The primary motif of the Chevron collection from Jolly Bijoux is a trompe l’oeil effect; a visual illusion that tricks the eye into seeing a three-dimensional cube in a two-dimensional design. The effect is delightful, especially when adorned with bright bead-set diamonds and colorful enamel details. Available in rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants.



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