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CJDG Names President

Judi Powers takes the position.




(PRESS RELEASE) The executive board of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (CJDG) announces that Judi Powers, Judi Powers Jewelry, has become the new president of the association.

Powers takes over from Julie Romanenko, Just Jules Jewelry, who completed her term as president as of June 1, 2019. As she completes her term, Romanenko says, “For the past 3 years, as President of the CJDG, I have the privilege to work with some of the most creative and amazing designers in our industry. I now have a lifelong friend in Marylouise, the director, someone I knew but not well. Working with her was effortless and I am so proud of what we accomplished.

“When I became President, I wanted to do more than to self promote the group’s talents but also figure out a way to also give back to the industry I have loved for many years. The CJDG Cindy Edelstein Auction was something I am really proud of and hope it continues, after this year’s hiatus. I am looking forward to watching our new President, Judi Powers, move into the position and the amazing things she will accomplish. Thank you to all the members.”

Powers says, “What I love most about CJDG is our community. Our members are dynamic, engaged, generous, and fiercely committed to outstanding jewelry design and they push and challenge boundaries in exciting and artful ways. When I became a member, I felt like I’d found my people and it’s that feeling that I hope to engender among our membership during my term as President of the CJDG Executive Board.”

Powers continues: “My goals are to deepen our communication, provide even greater service to our members, and build relevant partnerships that will help our businesses grow and thrive. I’ve got big shoes to fill and I’m honored to be working side by side with Marylouise Lugosch, Erika Winters, Dana Bronfman, and Elizabeth & Jack Gualtieri (Zaffiro Jewelry), as well as past executive board members, as I step into this special role.”

CJDG is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of creative jewelry design and committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in business and in design. The CJDG is a non-profit, 501c-3 organization.


For further information, contact Executive Director Marylouise Sirignano Lugosch at



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