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DiaTechPro from Verona, Italy Introduces Game-Changing Diamond Technology

Newly created Diasynth machine provides jewelers with a lab-grown diamond Firewall.




(PRESS RELEASE) VERONA, ITALY — DiaTechPro Advanced Analytical Instruments announces the launch of their  next-generation diamond screening instrument DiaSynth for North America. DiaSynth sets a new standard  for detection technology by means of revolutionary  Artificial Intelligence software created by DiaTechPro  in cooperation with the University of Verona in Italy. 

Unlike any other device, DiaSynth accurately identifies  Natural Diamonds, CVD and HPHT Laboratory Grown  Diamonds and a variety of other diamond simulants  including CZ, Moissanite, White Sapphire, Spinel,  Quartz, Topaz and glass. Built with DiaTechPro  proprietary, patented hardware and software, the DiaSynth instrument identifies stones from 0.5 mm in size  of any shape or cut; loose or mounted and from D through K in color. It provides clear and easy to  understand results in seconds, accurately and consistently, requiring no special skills on the part of the  operator.  

With a background in science, engineering and software, the team of professionals led by Marco Pasqualini,  the CEO of DiaTechPro, has invested years of research in the creation of DiaSynth. Advanced Artificial  Intelligence software developed with the assistance of the University of Verona replaces the personal observations of an operator with colorful graphic overlays that identify each stone with great accuracy.  

“During each scan more than 20 images of each stone are captured in a fraction of a second and more  than 160 features are extracted for analysis by our AI software with an easy to understand result”, said  Pasqualini.  

To achieve his goal of creating a groundbreaking new instrument, DiaTechPro uses superior hardware  technology to better realize the potential of their software. These components include specific multiple spectrum UV emitters and high speed industrial-grade cameras. Custom circuitry, internal lighting, lenses  and filters all require global sourcing from premier specialty manufacturers, but the result is a superior  instrument that provides heightened levels of identification accuracy.  

DiaSynth sells for less than $15,000 including a 27 inch flat screen monitor, accessories and individual, on site installation. As a measure of the company’s commitment and confidence, DiaSynth comes with a Three  Year On-Site Warranty and unlimited updates for technical improvements and market-sensitive  adjustments.


With shipments direct from their location near Verona, Italy, DiaSynth will be available throughout North  America beginning this fall in limited quantities.  

“At DiaTechPro we know there is no magical laboratory-in-a-box, but this leading-edge device allows  jewelers, manufacturers, laboratories, and other industry professionals to achieve a previously impossible  degree of accuracy done with great efficiency in house. It’s fast and easy to use. With our experience and  a high level of confidence, we are the only manufacturer to offer a Three Year Warranty. We take great pride  in our Italian creation and assembly,” said Pasqualini. “We stand behind what we sell.” 

“We do not favor one gemstone over another. Our objectives are scientific. But we do maintain that  consumers must have confidence in our industry and our ability to differentiate gemstones. Trust is the  foundation of our business. People rely on us as industry professionals to safeguard today’s treasures and  tomorrow’s heirlooms. DiaTechPro takes this mission very seriously in a world where new lab-grown  diamond variants constantly appear in the marketplace.” 

Accurate diamond identification is the biggest challenge of the jewelry industry today. Only a few years ago  undisclosed laboratory grown diamonds posed a threat of contaminating the traditional diamond pipeline.  Today laboratory grown diamonds are part of everyday business. Because of the extreme differences in  value, the need to identify the nature of diamonds is essential. As jewelry repairs come and go, diamonds  are bought over the counter, and inventory must be quality-verified, everyone in the diamond pipeline needs  confident knowledge of product origins every time a gemstone changes hands.



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