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Do You Or Don't You?

Do You Or Don’t You … Are You Planning a Summer Vacation?



[componentheading]Yes, I am[/componentheading]

We are a literal “mom and pop,” so we are going to close two Saturdays a month and since we are closed Mondays, that will give us half a dozen three-day weekends. Worked great last year and we didn’t miss much business to speak of. — Cliff Yankovich; Chimera Design, Lowell, MI

Emporia, KS, to visit Glendo Corp. to learn the fine art of hand engraving. It may not sound like a holiday, but I have been there for another course and enjoyed it immensely. I came home with more knowledge than when I left, and I felt like my batteries had been recharged. — Paul LeMay; Golden Enterprises, Bracebridge, ON

Thailand. I’ll hit the beaches down south and do a little jewelry buying. The weekend market in Bangkok is a must-do for great Thai artists! — Jeff Ferris; Jef Excessories, Pensacola. FL

Fishing in Canada. No phone, no radio, no TV. Just total peace and quiet, northern lights and awesome fishing. I forget about everything work-related for a week. I highly recommend it. It rejuvenates me entirely. — R. Thomas Nelson; Nelson Jewelry, Spencer, IA

Hawaii with my boyfriend. Don’t intend to bring my cell phone. — Holly Olson; Thomas Markle Jewelers, Kingwood, TX


Europe! First time since we’ve opened that the vacation didn’t connect with a jewelry show!  — Cathy Cook; Cathy Cook Jewelry, Vidor, TX

Florida for the month of July. Although I am always accessible by e-mail or phone, there is something calming and peaceful about being at the beach.  — Dorothy Retzke; Krystyna’s Jewelry, Chicago, IL

Edisto Beach, SC. To make sure it’s a vacation my employees are empowered to handle virtually all situations. I have talked with the store during my vacation probably twice over the last 15 years. — Bill Elliott; Ross Elliott Jewelers, Terre Haute, IN

California. You have to take the time to relax and refresh and build memories with your family or why are we doing this in the first place? — Chris Snowden; Snowdens Jewelers, Wilmington, NC

[componentheading]No, I’m not[/componentheading]

Won’t be able to get away this year. My game plan for the store should be complete this year, and then I will feel more comfortable leaving for a break next year.— John Turrentine; Thomas S. Fox Diamond Jewelers, Grand Rapids, MI

Will take random days off, but I insist my staff take their time off. — Rosanne Kroen; Rosanne’s Diamonds & Gold, South Bend, IN

Summer is our season here on the coast. Of course, going to work on the ocean at Cape Cod is not so bad.— Steven Wardle; Forest Beach Design, Chatham, MA

We are in high-foot-traffic shopping districts. Time to vacation is when it’s slower in January or October.— Jeff Weintrop; The Silver Lady, University City, MO


I’m the only one here and can’t afford to close. But don’t need to anyway — love what I do! — Janne Etz; Contemporary Concepts, Cocoa, FL

[span class=note]This story is from the July 2010 edition of INSTORE[/span]



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