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Estrela De Fura, A 55.22 Carat Mozambique Ruby Sold for USD 34.8 Million at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction

This is a new world record for a ruby and any colored gemstone sold at auction.




Estrela de FURA – 55.22 cts
Estrela de FURA – 55.22 cts

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — A significant new benchmark was set in the gems and jewelry industry, particularly for rubies as the extraordinary ‘Estrela de FURA’, a 55.22 carat ruby, the largest gem quality ruby of its kind ever to appear at auction, sold for a staggering USD 34.8 million, during the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels sale.

Dev Shetty, founder and CEO of FURA Gems quoted: “This remarkable achievement represents a monumental milestone in FURA Gems incredible journey. In just five years, our company has experienced extraordinary growth, culminating in a historic moment where we proudly set a world record for any Ruby or colored gemstone sold at auction. Estrela de FURA 55.22 is a once in a generation discovery, the ultimate representation of FURA Mozambique rubies. This ruby is a gift from mother earth, and its new owners will carry an enormous legacy for many years to come. Today’s achievement not only validates our belief but also establishes a significant achievement for FURA Gems, and sets a precedent for Mozambique rubies, elevating them to the esteemed status of their Burmese counterparts. I am particularly proud of this accomplishment, which recognizes the commitment and hard work of our team. I take this opportunity to thank the community and Government of Mozambique for its continued support.”

The record-breaking price of USD 34.8 million achieved by the ‘Estrela de FURA’ surpasses the previous record held by the ‘Sunrise Ruby,’ a 25.59-carat Burmese stone that sold for USD 30.3 million at Sotheby’s Geneva in May 2015.

This awe-inspiring gem, recently cut from an exceptional 101-carat rough was discovered at FURA Gem’s ruby mine in Mozambique, one of the largest ruby deposits in the world, in July 2022. In its masterfully crafted, newly formed state, it re-emerged as the largest gem-quality ruby to ever appear at auction. Rubies of this magnitude and significance are exceedingly rare, with only two examples having surpassed the $15 million mark at auction, making the unveiling of this flawless gem a landmark event.

Quig Bruning, head of Sotheby’s Jewelry, Americas, commented on the result of the sale, stating: “Today, we witnessed the historic sale of a Mozambican Ruby, one of the most exquisite and important gemstones to ever hit the auction block. It’s difficult to express the range of emotions I felt when I first laid eyes on the ‘Estrela de FURA 55.22’, but to put it simply, I was entranced. With its unprecedented size, piercing color and rare degree of optical transparency and clarity, it truly deserved the record- breaking price today, as it now joins the ranks of the world’s most legendary gemstones.“

Unearthed from FURA’s ruby mine in Mozambique, in July 2022, this remarkable gemstone, weighing an astonishing 101 carats, was aptly named ‘Estrela de FURA’ (Star of FURA in Portuguese). The name pays homage to its exceptional depth of color and size while highlighting Mozambique as a rich source of premium-quality rubies. Even in its rough, untouched state, ‘Estrela’ was considered an exceptional treasure of nature, with experts marveling at its fluorescence, outstanding clarity, and vivid red hue— a color traditionally associated only with Burmese rubies.

About FURA Gems

FURA Gems Inc. is a young colored gemstone mining and marketing company established in 2017. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, FURA has over 1,600 employees across continents. It is the first truly pioneering, creative and ethical enterprise to cover the entire spectrum of colored gemstones.

FURA has three mining operating subsidiaries in Colombia, Mozambique, and Australia, that mine emeralds, rubies, and sapphires respectively. It is the fastest growing colored gemstone mining company with the sole objective of ensuring stability and traceability of ethically mined colored gemstones from rough to retail.

FURA Gems will allocate 2% of the proceeds of the sale towards setting up the Fura Training Academy to support the community where it operates in Mozambique.

The key objective is to promote access to qualified education and technical training to the local population in different work streams such as mining, carpentry, engineering, and agriculture to provide them with a sustainable income.



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