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GPS Leads Police to Suspects in Miami-Dade Jewelry Store Burglary

The store owners said the thieves took about $1 million in valuables.




GPS helped police tracked down two suspects in a Miami-Dade jewelry store burglary.

The crime happened early Dec. 4 at C4G Jewelers, WPLG Local 10 reported. Scroll down to watch a news video about the heist.

The store owners said the thieves took about $1 million in valuables.

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance stated in a bulletin:

Burglars carved a hole through the neighboring business into a jewelry store and dismantled the alarm system. The suspects ransacked the room and then attached a hook and steel cable to the store safe, which attached to a stolen tow truck parked right outside the front door. The burglars pulled the safe through the front door, and sped away with the safe.

The owner of the tow truck had a GPS device on the truck and alerted the police to t he location of the truck near a warehouse in Hialeah Gardens. When police arrived, they saw the truck backing into a garage.

Four men ran, but police were able to arrest two, one of whom, Ariel Hernandez, 37, is pictured above, and the other, Michel Avila Delanuez, was taken to a local hospital.

There have been five other recent cases in South Florida in which burglars have used flat bed or tow trucks to remove or attempt to remove safes from jewelry stores, two of which were previously featured in JSA Crime Alerts dated 09/22/23 and 08/18/23. If you have information, contact JSA at 212-687-0328 or




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