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GSI Offers New Screening and Detection Service to the Industry

This is to address the emerging pattern of “undisclosed” natural diamond melee mixed with laboratory-grown diamonds in jewelry.




(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world announced its new screening and detection service for laboratory grown diamond jewelry as a result of the laboratory’s recent discovery of an emerging pattern of “undisclosed” natural diamond melee mixed with laboratory-grown diamonds in jewelry.

“During our routine grading process for laboratory grown diamond jewelry, our team of experts have come across natural diamond melee mixed into lab grown diamond jewelry. Laboratory-grown diamond jewelry with “undisclosed” natural diamonds is a new occurrence that we are starting to see with more frequency in our laboratories globally.” states Debbie Azar, president and co-founder of GSI.

The jewelry industry is trained to focus on undisclosed laboratory-grown diamonds and their detection, particularly in melee. It is counterintuitive to think about natural diamonds being mixed in with laboratory-grown diamonds however it’s an issue that should be addressed.

In today’s economic marketplace, consumers base purchasing decisions on various aspects and demand complete transparency- no matter what their purchase. Those who purchase lab grown diamonds for personal reasons expect that’s what they are getting — just as a vegan would not want any leather in their boots — and would therefore expect that the product they are receiving is accurately represented.

“As the only laboratory with the capacity to offer large volume screening and testing globally, we feel it is our responsibility to help the industry address this issue, and for that reason GSI has expanded our jewelry screening and detection services to include lab grown diamond jewelry. It is absolutely necessary for retailers to have a process in place to ensure everything they are selling is accurately represented to the consumer.” Azar adds.

As part of its commitment to the industry, GSI will continue to report on emerging trends in the detection of laboratory-grown diamond jewelry. “As consumers ask for more transparency, we are charged with providing robust, clear reporting that ensures their trust and upholds the standards of our industry.” Azar states.




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