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Guzema Launches Vi Levare Men’s Jewelry Collection

Designer Valeriya Guzema joined forces with pilot Timur Fatkullin of the Aerotim team to create the Vi Levare men’s jewelry collection.




Guzema Launches Vi Levare Men’s Jewelry Collection
Left to right: Guzema Lift Force bracelet in silver, Guzema Lift Force ring in silver, Guzema Lift Force tag necklace in silver

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK, NY — Ukrainian jewelry brand Guzema Fine Jewelry announced the launch of an all-new men’s jewelry collection. Designer Valeriya Guzema joined forces with pilot Timur Fatkullin, founder of the Aerotim team, to create the Vi Levare men’s jewelry collection, drawing inspiration from the sky, aviation, lift force, and genuine dreams. The collection will debut in its entirety at the JCK Las Vegas show in the Design Collective, booth 14023, at The Venetian Expo in late May 2024, along with many new Guzema designs for women. The new Vi Levare collection seeks to redefine the world of men’s jewelry, introducing a new philosophy of wearing men’s accessories. Available in USA and worldwide, the collection is comprised of rings, bracelets, and necklaces, ranging in price from $250 to $430.

Over a span of two years, a dedicated team of Guzema jewelers and Aerotim pilots poured its expertise into this capsule collection. Predominantly showcasing silver pieces, the collection encompassing military style I.D. tags or pendants in the shape of airplane wing-profiles on cords or chains, as well as rings and bracelets featuring adapted motifs from these profiles. Each piece reflects profound symbolism related to lift force, embodying a physical phenomenon that aligns with humanity’s enduring desire to conquer gravitational forces. Simultaneously, it serves as a pertinent symbol in today’s geopolitical context – one of unlocking internal potential and attaining new heights amid uncertainty and fear.

“The Vi Levare collection emerged during the most challenging times for our brand, our team, and our homeland Ukraine – and that speaks volumes,” shares Valeriya Guzema, the founder of Guzema Fine Jewelry. “This collaboration embodies strength, bold aspirations, interaction, and the impetus to move in the right direction.”

“This project contributes to our country, just as our sports aircraft are now utilized to train Ukrainian Air Force cadets,” comments Timur Fatkullin, pilot and founder of the Aerotim team. “As a flight instructor, I’ve been teaching complex aerobatics to our future military pilots at extremely low altitudes and conducting training sessions for group flights. But our big dream is to make a personal contribution and involve as many partners as possible in the project of building shelters for our country’s aircraft. It’s a massive and incredibly important step towards Ukrainian victory.”

A portion of the proceeds from the Vi Levare collection will be allocated to the construction of shelters for military aircraft for the Ukrainian Air Force.

For more information or to view the collection, visit here.




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