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‘Heavy’ Jewelry Barred From Exclusive Sydney Restaurant

Visible tattoos and clothing with designer labels are also prohibited.




An Australian restaurant is barring entry to anyone wearing “heavy” jewelry, as well as those with visible tattoos or wearing clothing with designer labels.

Bedouin, located in the Sydney suburb of Double Bay, posted the policy on its front window, the Daily Mail reports.

The goal is to discourage “intimidating appearances,” said Poata Okeroa, co-licensee of the business.

At least one local politician, Woollahra councilor Richard Shields, derided the rules.

“The listed restrictions would preclude a big chunk of the eastern suburbs,” he said, according to the Mail.

But Mary-Lou Jarvis, Woollahra councilor , defending the policy, saying “proprietors of businesses can choose the type of patronage they want.”


Bedouin, which is popular among celebrities, is described as a “Middle Eastern eatery and nightclub.”

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