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Jeweler’s Roots Run Deep in New Hampshire Town

Beau Maville finds inspiration in nature and nurture.




Jeweler’s Roots Run Deep in New Hampshire Town

Beau Maville, 38, works with his dad, second-generation jeweler Jude Dutille, and his two brothers at Dutille’s Jewelry Design Studio in Lebanon, NH. “Being with family every day has been pretty amazing. It works because we have great communication. There’s no sitting back and holding things in.” Beau and his wife, Kara, have two sons, Bennett, 3, and Colin, 6, who spend a lot of time there, too. Their dad would be delighted if they developed an interest in the business, but he wouldn’t force that. “A fourth generation doesn’t come along too often,” he says. “That would be a blessing.”

ADORNMENT. I probably have too many watches. Vintage Accutrons, and my go-to are Shinolas right now. I have four of those. I have William Henry bracelets and Chris Ploof bracelets. And two di erent yellowgold chains.

ON MENTORSHIP. I coached high school baseball for five years when the store was a little slower and plan to do it again when my kids are older. I look at the bigger picture of teaching the sport and history and the respect for older generations. I felt if kids respected me, they would get more out of their time being in a sport.

NOSTALGIC WEDDING. In 2016, Kara and I rented a boys and girls summer camp on a lake and invited 230 of our friends and family to stay in the cabins for a four-day event. Swimming, biking, rock climbing. The mess hall was open. Just like summer camp as a kid.

THE OUTDOOR LIFE. I live 10 minutes from the store, but I’m in the middle of the woods. It’s a quiet, small town, but there’s still plenty to do. We get four seasons and they all seem too short. We ski, golf and hike all the time.


ONLINE EXTRA: Q&A with Beau Maville

What’s it like working with family?

One of my brothers works here; the other is here, sometimes. Being with family all day has been pretty amazing, which doesn’t always work out that way. The key is being open and always talking, which we do, daily. There’s no sitting back and holding things in, we have great communication. I have two sons, 6 and 3; they are in the store almost every day.

How would you feel if your sons showed an interest in the business?

We’ll see where the industry goes, but I would love it. A fourth generation doesn’t come too often. Having that would be a blessing, but I will not force that.

Name one fun fact about you.

I coached high school baseball for five years when the store was a little slower and I had extra time for that kind of stuff. And I plan to do the same when my two sons get a little older.

I tend to look at the bigger picture of teaching the sport and history and the respect aspect of it, which I think is missing with some of the kids these days, respect for older generations. I always felt if kids respected me they would get a lot more out of their time in being in a sport. And that’s how I treat customers in a way; I want them to respect me and enjoy the time here and not find it intimidating.

What sparked your own interest in the family business?

The design side of it. Creating one-off things. In college, I went for graphic design so it was an easy transition. But also growing up in it, seeing what my father was doing, not just in retail, but in creating stuff. I generally like meeting new people; being a part of their lives has always been a fun part for me. Creating those relationships that go a long time. I’m just now seeing some of the high schoolers I used to coach and making engagement rings for them. It’s been fun. I’m only 38 and so being here for 20 years and having these young kids I used to mentor come to me, I enjoy it.

What are they looking for?

There’s a wide range, but minimalist for sure, being in New Hampshire. All of them have wanted natural diamonds. They’ve known me for so long and know I’m going to treat them well. I’m going to be honest with them.

What was your own marriage proposal like?

We’d known each other for eight months. I made a ring and over the holidays I went to her family’s for the holiday and chickened out. When we got back I called her parents and asked them and they said, yes. My father-in-law had a flip phone and he texted my wife, `Congratulations!’ So I had to do it right then. But it was very non-traditional. I was nervous so we went to a spot on a local lake. The ring is a 2 carat old mine cut with a halo and tapered shank. And I used ideal cut melee from Grunberger for the halo and the shank. CAD and hand-fabbed the prongs and shank. And she said I could’ve gone smaller! But now she doesn’t think that way, now that she sees jewelry and goes to shows with me!


What kind of wedding did you have?

We rented a boys and girls summer camp and had 230 of our friends and family stay in the cabins. It was a blast. It was on a lake. We did some swimming and biking and the mess hall was open. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for everybody. Just like summer camp as a kid.

What is a typical day like for you at work?

Lots of design appointments daily and then just managing employees and service. But mainly design. I started at New Approach Jewelry School and after I went to the jewelry class I did a CAD program in 2005 with Rhino, transferred over to Gemvision around 2006, and have been doing both since. We mill in-house, 3D print in-house. Countersketch has been a game changer for us to design and show customers while they watch.

What is your sales philosophy? Are you a natural at talking to people?

It came naturally to me. Not coming from any other retail. When I was younger I worked on the bench. Sitting down with somebody is very natural. It’s the most gratifying part of being here. Hearing their stories. If they are going to have a good experience here, they will tell friends and multiple friends.

What’s your competition like?

There are quite a few stores. Our benefit is with multiple bench jewelers on staff, being such a working jewelry store. A lot of other stores send people to us. Or if they go somewhere else and come here they see the difference.

What inspires you?

I watch Instagram and YouTube video and trending stuff. I like nature, so mountains inspire me. We hike a lot and ski a lot. That fits our area.


What do you find inspires your customers?

Sometimes it’s nothing or it’s pictures of what we’ve done over the years and I usually ask a lot of questions to find out what’s important. And kind of let them guide me with giving my opinion on style and wearability.

Do you wear jewelry or collect watches?

Yes. Watches: I probably have too many. Vintage Acutrons, and my go-to are Shinolas, right now. I have four of those, so depending on the day that’s what I wear. I’m traditional in the jewelry I wear. William Henry bracelets. Chris Ploof bracelets. Chris is a good friend of ours. I wear Chris Ploof bracelets to sell them. I have two different yellow-gold chains.

What is the best part of living in New Hampshire?

I’ve always lived here. I live 10 minutes from the store but I’m in the middle of the woods. We get four seasons and they all seem too short. It’s a quiet, small town but there’s still plenty to do. We ski, golf and hike all the time. We’re always outdoors and just enjoying it. Although my kids love going to Boston. They enjoy just being in the city, there’s so much to do and see. The train is their favorite part, which we do not have here.



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