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Jewelry Retailer Andy Koehn Offers Licensing for His “The Buy Like a Guy Podcast”

The licensing agreement costs $195 per month.




(PRESS RELEASE) WEST BEND, WI — Independent retail jewelers looking to enhance their marketing and sales strategies now have a powerful ally in The Buy Like a Guy Podcast. Created by industry veteran Andy Koehn, The Buy Like a Guy Podcast offers a unique opportunity for independent retail jewelers to elevate their business and amplify revenue through exclusive benefits tailored just for them.

Buy Like a Guy is the podcast with the tools guys need to buy an engagement ring or other important jewelry with confidence. Each micro-episode contains a simple secret or two to help guys buy an engagement ring or find jewelry the same way they order their beverage of choice: with complete and utter confidence.

The Buy Like a Guy Podcast offers independent retail jewelers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to boost their sales and marketing efforts in a decidedly different way than they’re used to:

  • Podcast Power: Gain the edge with a non-exclusive license agreement. Participating jewelers can share compelling podcast episodes across their social media platforms to captivate their audience, bolster their brand, and expand their reach.
  • Sales-Boosting Content: This is a sleeper. The sales team gets actionable insights from each podcast episode, making it perfect for sales training.
  • Unique Social Presence: Jewelers can seamlessly blend the podcast with their own content, creating an engaging online presence that resonates with their audience.
  • Branding Boost: Jewelers can leverage their social media with branded graphics and marketing materials to elevate their brand as “different” from chain stores and online-only sellers.
  • Client Referrals: Every episode instructs listeners to email Andy if they want help finding a jeweler “in their own backyard.” Ultimately this is one of the main goals of the podcast. Inquiries are sent straight to vetted stores to help them grow and be awesome. His first referral bought an engagement ring for $15,000 from one of the company’s partners!
  • Investment in Success: All this for just $195/month. Join the Buy Like a Guy Network of Independent Jewelers and stand up to the online-only joints and big box chains. Discover how simple, consistent podcast distribution can pay for a year’s worth of subscription fees in a single sale—it’s that simple!

Andy Koehn, the mastermind behind Buy Like a Guy Podcast, has extensive experience in the jewelry industry, making him uniquely qualified to provide independent retail jewelers with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

“As the jewelry industry evolves, it’s crucial for independent retail jewelers to adapt and find innovative ways to connect with their customers,” says Koehn. “This podcast offers a fresh approach to marketing and sales, providing jewelers with the resources they need to succeed in an ever-changing landscape.”

Independent retail jewelers interested in taking their business to the next level and becoming part of the Buy Like a Guy Nation can sign up for Buy Like a Guy Podcast’s exclusive benefits by visiting here.

About Buy Like a Guy Podcast

Buy Like a Guy Podcast is a game-changing platform created by industry veteran Andy Koehn, designed exclusively for independent retail jewelers. With a non-exclusive license agreement, actionable content, social media support, and client referrals, the podcast empowers jewelers to elevate their businesses and amplify their revenue. Join the Buy Like a Guy Network of Independent Jewelers today to stand out in the market and embrace the future of jewelry retail.



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