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Judge the Jewels: A Double Take for Blake Lively’s Double Statement Earrings

The best thing about this styling choice is how universal it could be.




Photo from Lorraine Schwartz’s Instagram

The sighting: Actress and director Blake Lively attended The Music Man’s recent Broadway opening in a ravishing purple ensemble. Her suit was sharp, but her two pairs of statement earrings stole the show.

The jewels: I liked this look when I thought it was one gorgeously dramatic pair of Lorraine Schwartz earrings, but as soon as I realized it was TWO pairs of earrings layered together, I was obsessed.

The first pair of earrings features large amethysts ringed with bright emeralds. Debra Messing wore a three stone version of this style for the 2012 Golden Globes and Julianne Moore wore a spectacular matching necklace on a 2013 InStyle cover. The second pair of earrings is a Schwartz signature, one of the designer’s iconic mesh styles in a pink and purple sapphire colorway.

The trends: Ear parties are nothing new, but they usually involve multiple pairs of small earrings or one major pair of earrings accentuated by smaller ones. Wearing two pairs of major statement earrings together is a departure from the norm and it’s rather thrilling.

The best thing about this styling choice is how universal it could be. Anyone can put on two pairs of statement earrings, whether or not they are on lending terms with Lorraine Schwartz. It adds a whole new dimension for styling and a fresh perspective for earring sales. Why buy one pair of statement earrings when buying two coordinating pairs together is so much cooler?


Photo from Lorraine Schwartz’s Instagram

What do we think? I love this. It’s bold and fun and exuberant and immediately made me think about my own statement earrings and if any of them would pair well together.

My only hesitation is comfort, because those earrings look heavy. I have to wonder if Lively was able to keep both pairs on for the whole evening or if they ended up in Ryan Reynolds’ jacket pocket before the audience even heard that there was trouble in River City.

Judgement: 13/10 for a super cool and creative look, 6/10 for secondhand earlobe stress (because ouch, right?)


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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