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Judge the Jewels: Hayley Elise Jewellery Featured in HBO’s The Gilded Age

The biggest two trends here: green gems and textured, touchable-looking gold.




The sighting: HBO’s The Gilded Age features an eclectic curation of jewelry, from pieces dating to the actual Gilded Age to contemporary designs. The latest season featured several pieces by a small jewelry brand whose work I thoroughly enjoy, so we’re going to take a look!

The jewels: Gladys Russell, played by actress Taissa Farmiga, wore Hayley Elise Jewellery’s Amaryllis earrings in Season Two, Episode One of The Gilded Age. This floral-inspired style features marquis-cut green tourmaline and diamonds in 14K yellow gold and is listed on the brand’s website for $3,275.

This isn’t pictured in the above Instagram post, but Hayley Elise Jewellery let me know that Gladys Russell wears several more of their pieces later in Season Two, including the Venus Drop Earrings (rhodolite garnet and diamonds in 14K, listed for $2,800) and the Dark Opal Cuore Wand Pendant (opal rhodolite, and diamonds in 14, listed for $3,100).

Judge the Jewels: Hayley Elise Jewellery Featured in HBO’s <em>The Gilded Age</em>

The trends: The biggest two trends here are green gems (very popular right now) and textured, touchable-looking gold. They may be featured on a character from the past, but these beauties are perfect for the current moment.

What do we think? This delights me. When I featured Hayley Elise Jewellery’s Amaryllis earrings in Instore Magazine in early 2021, it was the brand’s very first appearance in the press. Now they’re on a popular HBO show, in multiple episodes! I love to see it.

There are two ways for any period costume drama to go when it comes to jewelry: they can use period-appropriate antiques and reproductions, or they can ignore anachronism and use new jewelry that has the right vibe. I haven’t followed along as some of my jewelry friends have, but it is my understanding that The Gilded Age has chosen to alternate between the two approaches, mixing period-appropriate pieces with both modern designs and vintage finds from other eras.

In general, I’d prefer for the show to pick a lane and stay there: I like it when a costume drama either uses interestingly curated modern pieces or period appropriate styles, rather than switching between the two and mixing in other vintage eras. But I love that they chose Hayley Elise Jewellery as one of their modern designers to feature!

Judgement: 14/10 for gorgeous earrings getting the attention they deserve.

What do YOU think?


Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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