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Judge the Jewels: Is Beyoncé’s Tiffany & Co. Dress Made of Diamonds?

The brand has leveled up to a whole new world of bejeweled beauty.




The sighting: The one and only Queen Bey, aka the legendary Ms. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, been dazzling fans with the Tiffany & Co. jewels she’s wearing for her wildly popular Renaissance World Tour. Tiffany’s is the tour’s official jeweler and they have now leveled up to a whole new world of bejeweled beauty by making Beyoncé a whole Tiffany & Co. dress!

The jewels: The Tiffany & Co. dress is a cascade of metallic strands fitted perfectly to the singer’s curves and embellished with strings of faceted, bezel-set stones. Those metallic strands aren’t just shiny fabric, they’re actual Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti mesh.

According to, Tiffany & Co. says that “the handcrafted dress took over 200 hours to make, and was created from 150 feet of mesh ribbon woven with 300,000 rings through the mesh, side panels and shoulders.”

I’m extremely curious to know if those stones are actual diamonds. At this point, there’s a lot of conflicting information about the dress’s materials. My research found some articles and social media posts saying it’s made of diamonds while others say “stones” or “crystals,” but that one thing I cannot find is a single definitive source where Tiffany & Co. explicitly identifies those sparkling stones.

The dilemma: I want the dress to be made of diamonds, I really do! But I am just not convinced that Tiffany’s has actually said that it’s made of diamonds.

Tiffany & Co’s Instagram calls the look a “a custom Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Mesh dress” and continues to say: “Uniting two @elsaperetti.official icons—Diamonds by the Yard and Mesh—artisans crafted a one-of-a-kind dress of sensuous mesh ribbons, symbolizing Peretti’s innovative artistry, modern style sensibility and passion for exceptional craftsmanship.”

If the dress were covered in diamonds, wouldn’t Tiffany’s have said so very clearly? I They say it’s inspired by Diamonds by the Yard, but they call it a “mesh dress” not a “diamond dress.” I scrolled through Tiffany & Co.’s Instagram and they almost always give carat weights when unveiling a new creation. If this dress is made of diamonds, why wouldn’t they want to share its surely impressive carat weight?

What do we think? I love the idea of Tiffany & Co. making a jewelry-based dress for Beyoncé, whether the stones are diamonds or not but I have to say that I wish the dress was a little more impressive.

Even if those are real diamonds, it’s not a very innovative design. Amanda Seyfried wore an Oscar de la Renta dress with the same type of barely-there metallic fringe to the Met Gala earlier this year and Beyoncé herself wore a very similar silver fringe dress in her 2022 Tiffany & Co. ad campaign.

I love that Tiffany & Co. made a dress, but I wanted it to look like something I’ve never seen before…and this doesn’t.

Judgement: 9/10 for a cool idea that could have been more exciting.

What do YOU think?




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