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Judge the Jewels: Kate Moss Wears Too Many Jewels and Not Enough Dress

She wore a sheer, hooded gown with a truly eclectic selection of jewels.





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The sighting: Supermodel Kate Moss recently attended the WSJ Magazine 2022 Innovator awards and, oh boy, did she dress up for the occasion. Moss wore a sheer, hooded gown with a truly eclectic selection of jewels.

The jewels: The model accessorized her barely there gown with a pair of beautiful girandole earrings that appear to be antique, a metallic mesh elbow cuff, a wooden bangle, an embellished bracelet, a sculptural black bracelet, a long necklace suspending a hefty point of clear crystal, and several rings.

I have been on a scavenger hunt around the internet trying to identity the jewelry that Moss wore to this event, with mixed success. Here’s what we know:

The chunky bangles (not including the elbow cuff) are by Saint Laurent, according to W Magazine.

The girandole earrings strongly resemble the legendary pair gifted to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Mike Todd. Instagrammer Rafael Gulz said on social media that he believes these could indeed be the very same earrings, a theory that the online grapevine seems to support! They do look right to be Elizabeth Taylor’s earrings, but I haven’t been able to uncover any actual proof, so this remains a thrilling theory for now.

What do we think? I love it when celebrities go all out. I also love it when people mix different eras and styles of jewelry together! But this … this is too much, even for me. The elbow cuff is actually very cool and I can see the giant crystal necklace working in some situations, but overall: just no.

The only standout is the girandole earrings, which are gorgeous and deserve to be rescued from this dumpster fire of an outfit. I’m so sorry you got caught up in this mess, you gorgeous and possibly famous earrings. You are welcome to come live with me any time.

Judgement: 3/10 because the girandoles cannot be given a zero. But I truly hate this look.


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