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Judge the Jewels: Kristin Chenoweth’s 3-Stone Engagement Ring

She’s engaged to musician Josh Bryant after three years of dating.





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The sighting: Emmy and Tony-award winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth is now engaged to musician Josh Bryant after three years of dating! Chenoweth celebrated the news with an adorable Instagram post that featured glimpses of a ring as big and bright as the Broadway dynamo’s famous voice.

ringThe jewels: Created by Rahaminov for De Beers Forevermark and purchased at Bruce G. Weber Diamond Cellar in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the ring is a glamorous take on a classic three stone style. The design features a large oval center diamond flanked by two smaller side ovals, each stone framed by a halo of diamond pavé on an elegantly tapered shank. This triple threat’s triple threat could be worth around $75,000, said Kathryn Money of Brilliant Earth in US Weekly.

The trends: We’ve seen a few oval diamonds in celebrity engagements recently, but they have all been solitaires. Chenoweth’s trio of sizable stones makes a nod to the oval trend but keeps things fresh by choosing diamonds of similar scale, rather than one enormous boulder. The long ovals provide a luxe look with fantastic finger coverage. The design is also rumored to be a reference to the couple’s faith, with the three diamonds serving as a reference to the Christian Holy Trinity.

What do we think? The ring is lovely but this author must confess to holding such a strong affection for Kristin Chenoweth that it’s hard to judge her ring objectively. I’m just so happy that she’s happy!

Judgement: 9/10 for the ring, 13/10 for Kristin Chenoweth being generally delightful


Photos from Kristin Chenoweth’s Instagram, ring photo from Rahaminov’s Instagram

Becky Stone writes about jewelry styles for INSTORE. She is founder and CEO of well-known jewelry blog Diamonds in the Library.



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