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Judge the Jewels: Nicola Coughlan Rocks a 22K Gold Plated Corset and Asymmetrical Necklace

She wears two custom pieces by Misho Designs, an edgy demi-fine brand that has a number of celebrity devotees.




The sighting: Actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays the romantic lead in this season’s Bridgerton storyline, is doing press for the upcoming show release and every outfit she wears has been better than the last. Her latest look has me incoherent with delight and we must discuss it.

The jewels: Nicola Coughlan is wearing two custom pieces by Misho Designs, an edgy demi-fine brand that has a number of celebrity devotees. She’s wearing both a statement necklace with a thick belcher chain and abstract asymmetrically-draped pendant, and a custom 22K yellow gold plated corset.


According to Misho Designs’ Instagram, the ensemble is a testament to the Coughlan’s Bridgerton storyline: “inspired by Nicola’s character in the beloved show, the bodice adorns the form of a heart and is a modern sculptural interpretation of Penelope Featherington’s journey with love and finding herself this season.

The trends: Nicola Coughlan herself is a trend! I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing her everywhere. Hopefully her influence will help kick off a fervor for gold-plated clothing and chunky asymmetrical necklaces because I am extremely into this.

What do we think? I love this so much that my head might explode. Nicola Coughlan is absolutely nailing this sculptural, high fashion look – it’s incredible on her and a true joy to see.

The necklace is fantastic. The thick gold belcher link chain and asymmetrical placement of the pendant call to mind the way that chains were worn and styled in the 1800’s while the armor-inspired aesthetic is the perfect homage to her Bridgerton character’s growth and strength.

Now, the fact that this is a 22K gold plated corset is just…I actually can’t think of anything cooler. It has reduced me to incoherence. Can I have one too? Please?

Judgement: 10,000/10 for one of my new favorite celeb looks of all time.

What do YOU think?




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