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Mikimoto Launches ‘Love Pearls’ Digital Campaign Celebrating 130 Years

The campaign is featuring renowned faces in international fashion to commemorate Mikimoto’s 130 years of service to pearls.




Mikimoto Launches ‘Love Pearls’ Digital Campaign Celebrating 130 Years

(PRESS RELEASE) On Thursday, June 15th at 11:00 JPT, MIKIMOTO will be launching the Special Website “LOVE PEARLS” as the second phase of the 130th Anniversary Project.

This year marks 130 years since our founder Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in inventing the world’s first cultured pearl in 1893. To commemorate this milestone, we have received congratulatory messages from dear friends of MIKIMOTO, including our Global Brand Ambassador and Actress Dilraba and Actor Song Wei Long, as well as Designer Marc Jacobs, Thai Actor James Jirayu, Japanese Supermodel Ai Tominaga, Japanese Player Mari Natsuki, and Japanese Actor Taishi Nakagawa. While adorned in some our most iconic and beloved collections, each celebrity shares their own memories with MIKIMOTO, the allure of Mikimoto Pearls, and their favorite items.

“As if (taking) a special trip with pearls; a trip that has elegant edges and corners, shining with tenderness and passion. Like my favorite Mikimoto M Collection, that gives out dazzling beams of light, (MIKIMOTO) illuminates my life. Happy 130th anniversary MIKIMOTO. I love my pearls. “Pearls of Love.” Hope you can also find your own.”

Having starred in popular films and drama series such as “Swords of Legends” and “Eternal Love”, Dilraba has gained mass popularity as an actress, both in China and internationally. She has won many awards such as the Best Rising Star Award in 2020 and Outstanding Young Actress in the 2021 Chinese American TV Festival Golden Angel Awards. She became the first female Global Brand Ambassador for MIKIMOTO in 2018. She has also won I-MAGAZINE’s Fashion Face Award in 2017, and ranked 37th in Forbes China Celebrity 100 on the same year. She is currently starring in the drama series “Prosecution Elite”.

Song Wei Long
“(Mikimoto Pearls are) mysterious and fascinating. Every minute and every second, I feel an irresistible impulse to be attracted to its warming luster and illuminating gloss. My favorites are PASSIONOIR and Splash Collection, (because) I can be sophisticated or romantic. Happy 130th anniversary to MIKIMOTO.”

As an actor and model, Song Wei Long has gained massive popularity after starring in the drama series “Find Yourself”. He starred in various films and drama series, and have won multiple awards such as Best New Actor at the China Movie Channel Media Awards in 2019. He became the first male Global Brand Ambassador for MIKIMOTO in 2020, and was ranked 45th in Forbes China Celebrity 100 the same year.


Marc Jacobs
“Hi, my name is Marc Jacobs. When I think of the most beautiful pearls in the world, I think of MIKIMOTO. My favorite piece of jewelry is a single strand of pearls that I wear not only for good luck but to glamorize every one of my looks. I wish you a happy 130th anniversary, dear MIKIMOTO. Keep dazzling us with your beautiful pearls.”

Born in New York City on April 9, 1963. After graduating from the High School of Art and Design in 1981, Marc Jacobs entered Parson’s School of Design. In 1984 Jacobs designed his first collection with the Marc Jacobs label. The following year, Jacobs received the distinct honor of being the youngest designer ever to be awarded the fashion industry’s highest tribute: The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. With stores across the globe, Marc Jacobs International includes RTW and accessories, a children’s line called Little Marc Jacobs and multiple award-winning fragrances.

James Jirayu
“Konnichiwa, I’m James Jirayu. Congratulations on your 130th anniversary, MIKIMOTO. I think Mikimoto Pearls represents the beauty of Japan. Its quality is very high and designs are very sophisticated and outstanding. Especially, my favorite Mikimoto Jewelry is this (TALISMAN GLIDE) bracelet. It’s easy to wear and goes well with any outfits for every day. I love my pearls. I hope everyone will find their favorite pearls as well.”

Better known to his fans as James Ji, James Jirayu is a Thai actor/model who can also dance and sing well. He rose to fame in 2013 after debuting as a Thai prince in Channel 3 “Suparburoot Jutathep” which led him to many various roles in television, such as “a DeputyChief in Padiwarada” (2016), “Nueng Dao Fah Diew” (2017), “Game Saneha” (2018) and more. With his passion for music, he developed his singing and dancing skills in both Korea and Japan, and was the first Thai actor to hold 3 full scale concers in 2014, 2015, and 2017.

Mari Natsuki
“What I love about Mikimoto Pearls its romantic story; because pearls are the jewelry born out of oysters… how romantic! Moreover, they make me feel proud as a Japanese and confident as a woman. Pearls are the gems that really make me feel happy to be Japanese. I wish you a happy 130th anniversary, dear MIKIMOTO. In all these 130 years, I share only the last brief period of time, but these pearls really enrich my life as a woman and I enjoy my life with pearls. Keep innovating, MIKIMOTO. I hope many people will wear these pieces of jewelry representing Japan, to light up their everyday lives and to live beautiful lives. My heart is filled will expectations for MIKIMOTO, because I’m a big fan! I’m hoping (to see) more great things coming from you. Happy anniversary.”

Debuting as a singer in 1973, Mari Natsuki expanded her acting career in theatre and films during the 80’s, receiving several awards like Japan Selected Artist Award/Best New Artist. In 2009, she presided her performance troupe MNT (Mari NATSUKI Terroir), fostering new talents through workshops, which was awarded a Mont Blanc International Art & Culture Prize. Having starred in numerous films, drama series and stage performances, she has also won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Supporting Actress, and many more. Recently, she has starred in ”Spirited Away : Live On Stage” (2022), “Yudo” (2023) directed by Masayuki Suzuki, “From the End of the World” (2023) directed by Kazuaki Kiriya, and “See Hear Love” (2023) directed by Lee Jae-Han. This June, celebrating the 30th anniversary of her lifework and own conceptual performing art theatre, her latest project “Impressionist NÉO vol.4 ‘The Miracle of Pinocchio” will be performed 12 times in Japan, and lastly at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania.


Ai Tominaga
“I have an unforgettable memory of MIKIMOTO – when I first went to Paris, I was very much encouraged by seeing the MIKIMOTO boutique on the corner of Place Vendôme. Back then I was around 20 years old, and was probably the only Asian model walking on the catwalks in shows during the fashion week. During that time, I often passed by Place Vendôme, and I was encouraged by the MIKIMOTO boutique there, also coming from Japan. I was too young to actually enter the store, feeling I would be out of place. So when I was finally able to visit the store in 2019, it was all the more moving. Happy 130th anniversary to MIKIMOTO.”

Ai Tominaga debuted as a model at 15 years old and rapidly acquired global recognition at 17 years old during New York Fashion Week. This year marks the 25th anniversary of her career as a top model. She has also been challenging herself as an actress for TV, radio, and as an event personality. She has recently gained high praise for her acting skills in the NHK Drama Series “Ooku”. As a Japanese supermodel, her career also includes charity and social action work and efforts to promote traditional Japanese culture to the world and to new generations in Japan.

Taishi Nakagawa
“Hi, I’m Taishi Nakagawa. I wore Mikimoto Pearls for the first time last year in a magazine photoshoot. I usually like to be simple in fashion, but the way these pearls subtly accentuate my look, they really elevate my mood, and make the look more elegant. This ear cuff, also adds a brilliant glow around my face, raising my spirit. Happy 130th anniversary to MIKIMOTO. I hope I can grow with jewelries from MIKIMOTO and enjoy dressing up more. I’ll do my best! Congratulations on your anniversary.”

After his debut as an actor in 2009, Taishi Nakagawa has starred in NHK Drama Series “Natsuzora (Summer Sky)”, Film “My Blood & Bones in a flowing Galaxy”, NHK Historical Drama Series “The 13 Lords of the Shogun” and many more. He won Best New Actor in the 42th Japan Academy Prize in 2019, and the Élan d’or Award for Newcomer of the Year in 2023. He will be starring in the Netflix Series “Burn the House Down” which starts streaming from July 13th, as well as the Liveshow “Music for Punchline vol.05” at the Marunouchi COTTON CLUB starting July 20th.

About Mikimoto

In 1893, MIKIMOTO’s founder Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearl. Since then, for more than a century, we have continued to offer jewellery of exceptional quality. We are one of a few companies in the world with an integrated system from production to sales that enables us to ensure quality control and combine exquisite craftsmanship with sophisticated, modern design. Our continuous dedication to Kokichi Mikimoto’s lifelong dream, to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls, has earned us the reputation as Japan’s representative jeweller. Headquartered in Tokyo, Mikimoto is a globally respected Japanese Fine Jewellery House with a presence worldwide including Paris, New York, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.




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