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Dave Richardson

Sales Truths : It’s all in the eyebrows




Sales Truths : It’s all in the eyebrows


Published in the June 2013 issue.

WHY IT IS TRUE: If your customers or your staff don’t get it, they won’t want it. And if they don’t get it or want it, you won’t get what you want — their attention, respect, performance, money, or the sale. It’s all in the eyebrows … if they don’t move, you are not reaching them, and they are probably not interested. On the other hand, if their eyebrows go up, that means you are getting through. Great! If their eyebrows however, furrow or knit, then you are somehow missing the point.

PLAN OF ACTION: Check it out. Lift your eyebrows, you are very interested. Furrow your eyebrows, you are possibly interested but need more information. Now test it out: watch your sales staff as they make a presentation. Where are the customers’ eyebrows? Up, furrowed or not moving at all? Right away, you get a clear indication as to where this sale might be going. Check out the eyebrows on your staff when you are conducting a sales meeting. Good salespeople, eyebrows are up, or furrowed if you are not getting through. Mediocre salespeople, eyebrows are not moving all. Hmmm. This is a great technique for validating your success and the success of your business. — DAVE RICHARDSON

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